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Hey everyone!

I'm getting married on 08/27/2016 at the Chesapeake Inn, and we have a block of rooms reserved at the Hampton Inn in Middletown. We'd like to rent a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding, but I have a couple of questions I thought someone might be able to answer (I'm clueless!):

1. How does the whole shuttle thing work? I'd want service both to and from the wedding, so do we rent the shuttle by the hour for our entire wedding? (that sounds expensive!)
2. Does anyone know of any local shuttles that will run late without charging me an arm and a leg? I'd ideally like an option for people who want to stay late at the Tiki Bar for the after party, but I realize this might be unreasonable and we may have use Uber or just set up some kind of DD situation.
3. What are some good local shuttle services? We don't need anything fancy - a school bus would work great, actually. It's kind of hard to search the local vendors for the Chesapeake Inn, because if I use "Chesapeake City" it gives me Baltimore vendors, and if I use "Newark, DE" it gives me Philly vendors. Both of those seem kind of far from my location.

Told you I was clueless, haha! Thanks in advance for any tips!

Re: Shuttle Help?

  • I would start by talking to your hotel and seeing what they offer. We blocked 20 rooms at our hotel and the hotel agreed to run their shuttle for us (for free!) to and from our venue. Granted, it is closer than the Chesapeake Inn is to Middletown, but it still can't hurt to ask.
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