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New York-Long Island

Questions to ask for venues

We are just starting to look at venues. What questions should I be asking? We will most likely have the ceremony and reception at one place.
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Re: Questions to ask for venues

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    -How many weddings take place at once-If they will allow you a tasting and if they have any sort of cancelation policy (most of the venues I went to didn't,  but the one I chose gave us 30 days to have a tasting and we could cancel and get our deposit back within those 30 days)-If they have an indoor and outdoor area for ceremony (in case of rain)-How many bartenders will be working-How many attendants they provide...that's all I can think of now that they didn't tell us and we had to ask. You might want to grab one of those wedding planners if you don't have one from Barnes & Noble. They have good questions to ask. Good luck!
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    You can ask about: Do they have an overtime policy? Required insurance from vendors such as a band, photographer, etc Any restrictions (possibly like candles) In terms of menu options do they have a silent vegetarian option? Do they provide vendor meals, at what cost and where do they eat? Do they have preferred vendors? What time can you arrive as the bride and what time can your florist come in to set up? Who if anyone are you expected to tip and how much? I am sure I will think of more, but that is a start.
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    I think the most important thing for you to ask about and to try to negotiate is your minimum.  You do not want to get stuck paying for guests that aren't there!  Try to get your minimum guarantee to the lowest number possible so that you'll have no trouble meeting it.
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    Good point Carrtiz. On that note say their minimum is 100 and you only get 80 people to attend, talk to them about what upgrades you can get rather than letting those 20 meals just sit in cash in their pockets.
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    Thanks for the question ideas :)
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  • auntie44auntie44 member
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    At the Thatched Cottage we needed to guarantee 150 guests.  If only 100 guests showed up, instead of paying say $95 per plate times 50 no shows ($95 x 50 = $4,750) they agreed to add a per head charge of $5.00 per guest, which would total $5 x 150, or $750.  That's a huge difference.By the way, since you're still shopping for a caterer, if you check out The Thatched Cottage and find that you are interested in using them, see my ad for $2,500 in free deposit money.  It's a nice chunk of change to put toward your wedding costs. 
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