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Hi, Knotties!  We are looking for a good hotel that is not expensive (under $200/night) for our wedding night.  We live east of Atlanta and will have the wedding in Tucker.  Because we are driving to Florida the next day, it would be ideal to get a hotel near the airport just to decrease the amount of driving time the next day (even if it is just thirty minutes!). 

We are open to all suggestions, but neither of us have stayed in hotels in the Atlanta area so we are not sure what would be good.  Any suggestions?  Did any of you stay in an Atlanta metro hotel on your wedding night and what was your opinion about it?

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  • In my experience, there isn't much that's very nice around the airport - Atlanta hotels are pretty pricey and the airport area is not very good - additionally, some of the hotels around the airport are even pricier for what you get just because of the convenience to the airport. I would recommend considering looking at bed and breakfasts in East Atlanta - there's several really nice/cute ones like the Social Goat and Sugar Magnolia that are well below $200 a night. These places would only be about a 15 minute drive/ride to the airport. We live in the area and it's about a $16 Uber ride, so you could stay at a cute B & B and then not have to drive yourself at all the next day for less than your original $200 budget! 

    I realize you will probably have your car with you and that may be the way you are getting to the airport. If you're interested in this option, it might be worth seeing if it's possible for someone to drop you off at the B & B the night of the wedding and pick you up when you get back from your honeymoon That would also save you on parking.

    Good luck!
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  • Hi @penguinwapi!  You must be my twin spirit.  After getting frustrated with the lack of quality for the price at the hotels down by the airport, we discovered the large number of B&Bs in DeKalb County.  We fell in love with Stonehurst Place and booked a room there:  wonderful reviews, free breakfast, free parking, and a lovely property!  We even splurged and went over budget since it's our wedding night just so we could treat ourselves.

    We will have our car with us because we are driving to Florida the next day and that is why safe, free parking was essential since our bags will be packed in the car.  Thank you for your suggestion and you happened to be spot on and didn't know it!

    For future brides looking for something romantic and quiet to stay for their wedding night in Atlanta, definitely look into the B&Bs here.  There is some great variety!

  • That's so funny! Glad it worked out for you :) Congratulations and enjoy your night and honeymoon!
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