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invites in the mail

and for some reason more than anything else, this has stressed me out.  WHAT IF NOBODY RSVPS?? WHAT IF THEY ALL SAY NO??  WHAT IF THEY ALL SAY YES???

not really sure why this part is making me insane, but it totally is.  arg. i am trying to not do a mental countdown to the RSVP date and keep a daily tally (RSVPs are going to my mom, i'd have to ask her every day after the mail comes) :) 

am i alone in being stressed about RSVPs for no real reason? 
.... excuse me while i go get those pesky kids off my lawn. ;)


Re: invites in the mail

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    Haha, I totally get it. Dropping off my invitations at the post office kind of felt like I was sending my babies off to school. I was so worried about them getting delivered where they were supposed to in a reasonable amount of time. I don't know if I was so worried abut the RSVPs, other than hoping I'd get them all back asap. Try to relax. It's out of your control now and up to your guests. I hope you get all the RSVPs you are hoping for!

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