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Cabo in October?

Hello! Been lurking for a while and everyone here seems to be so helpful and have great advice, so I decided to see if I can get some opinions from you lovelies.
We are getting married Sept 24 and are going to start the honeymoon with a couple days in Napa. However we really want to go somewhere tropical afterwards and are having a hard time deciding. We though about the Caribbean/US Virgin Islands, but the flight from northern CA seems daunting time and price-wise. My mom has suggested Cabo San Lucas and it seems to check all the boxes that we are looking for. However I am seeing mixed reviews about going that time of year. High temperatures/rain/start of busy season etc. 
Any advice on Cabo around the end of Sept/beginning of Oct? I'm open to other areas as well. Thanks in advance!  :)

Re: Cabo in October?

  • You'll have the same issues in Cabo as you would the Caribbean. It can be a little hot, though staying in the shade by the pool really helps! The start of busy season is closer to Christmas, so no concerns there. They, too, can get hurricanes, just as you can in the Caribbean. You obviously cannot predict that. I just recommend purchasing trip insurance in the case that you do have to cancel because of a hurricane.  

    Some things that are different about Cabo- it's more of a desert landscape (mountains, cacti) and many of the beaches are not swimmable.

    I've been to Cabo twice and this past August, I spent 5 nights in Punta Mita, which is just north of Puerto Vallarta. We stayed at the St. Regis. I really enjoyed it there. However, the resorts there are a bit pricey. Not sure of your budget. Puerto Vallarta has all inclusives if that is the route you are going.


  • We were supposed to go to Cabo in October in 2014 but the area got hit by a hurricane in September of that year and the resort was closed. I think it was one of those once in a few decades types of hurricanes so I wouldn't let that be a deterrent. We ended up rescheduling for January 2015 and we had some hot days and a few colder ones you just never know.

    I can't say I was a Cabo fan, in part based on where we stayed (non swimmable beach and you had to take a cab into the marina area for shops/restaurants/swimming beach). I wouldn't hesitate to plan to go in Oct if we ever decide to go again though.

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    Consider a short cruise.  If there is a hurricane, the ship will stay out of the danger area, and you will still get a fun trip.

    http://vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=11977  Great deal and beautiful ship.  Check out the cruise credit!

    http://vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=11828  No formal nights and free drinks.

    http://vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=11231 Good deal on balcony with cruise credit.  Best food.  Older passengers, so not many kids.

  • Thanks so much everyone! Puerto Vallarta as well as a cruise sound like they would also be great options. No matter where we go I'm sure it will be wonderful!
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    If you do decide to do a cruise, you should use a travel agent.  They can actually get you a better deal than booking directly with the cruiseline, and you have better protection.  Except for the cruisline, itself, ALL internet sites like Vacations to Go, Expedia, Travelocity, Sams Club, etc., ARE travel agencies.
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