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One area in the planning that still mystifies me a bit is figuring out transportation. Nearly all of our guests will be OOT. Some will be driving in, others will flying in to the nearest airport (which is about 60 miles from us). Guests flying in can rent a car or choose to take a shuttle from the airport that goes straight to the hotel at the reception site. FI and I currently do not own a car that is reliable enough to make out-of-town trips, but we are prepared to rent a car ourselves to help guests with travel. 

The ceremony is at a church in town, and the reception is at a complex that includes a hotel where we have reserved a block of rooms (about $130/ night). However, we have also reserved a block of rooms at another hotel in town for guests who may want a less expensive option (about $65/ night). 

Would it be best to try to arrange a bus or transportation service for guests who may stay at the less expensive hotel (which does not offer a shuttle service)? I'm trying to figure out how the set-up for that would look, since the itinerary would need to go something like this:

Hotel --> Church
Church --> Reception
Reception --> Hotel

And if guests may have different times they want to leave the reception, would I need to make sure there are trips going back and forth? 

And then if that is the case, wouldn't it be best also to have a bus or shuttle accommodating rides for guests staying at the reception-site hotel the Church and back? 

Finally, somewhere in the mix I also have to figure out the Wedding Party transportation. There will be 6 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, myself and FI, and currently 4 SOs. Aside from FI and I, everybody will be OOT again. I don't think we are interested in doing limos, both due to cost and the fact that the nearest limo rental service is 60 miles away. As a BM in the past I often just used my own car to go between ceremonies and receptions, but I don't want to presume this is everybody's preference (or even possibility). But am I overthinking and over complicating things, and should just let guests figure out their tos and fros? 

Thoughts on how to best accommodate transportation needs for ourselves and guests? I am sure there is correct etiquette on this, but I am not sure what it is and would appreciate insights and advice. Thanks!

ETA some extra details.


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Re: Transportation

  • I don't think you need to worry about transporting guests from the airport to the hotel. For DD's wedding we rented a shuttle bus for the wedding party - which sounds similar to yours. Her wedding was in a large city so people could easily take a cab to the church from the hotel and from the church to the reception venue (not the hotel). We provided a shuttle service at the end of the night because the reception venue wasn't in an area where cabs could easily be hailed, and I didn't want people driving after an evening of drinking. The shuttle dropped guests off at the two hotels where we had room blocks reserved. Etiquette wise, people are responsible for their own transportation, but many guests told me they appreciated the end of the night shuttle. 
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