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Do any of you have first hand experience or know someone that used these photographers? They are in my price range, have pretty good work and allow me to retain the rights to my prints. 

-Resonance Vision

-Lina Jang

-Cosmopolitan Photo & Video -Yulia Skya

-Joey G’s Memories (cheapest package that comes with EVERYTHING)

-Wrinkle in Time Photography

ANY information is appreciated!

Re: NYC Photographers

  • Sorry :( My photographer was CT based but came to the city.
  • I don't know those. But, mine is pretty great. 
  • edited April 2016
    Sorry no experience with them, mine was flying from abroad. 
    Check if they have a profile on KYMA with reviews. could be helpful to read verified reviews from other couples.

    Regarding the print rights: having wedding photographers in my circle, most will give you rights for personal usage of the pictures. Giving full rights is not something very common as it means you could use his work for ad campaigns (giant billboard on Time Square for example) - which usually doesn't make sense unless it's a commercial shoot (which cost more). Don't worry too much about that, just make sure you have rights to print for your personal & familial usage. 

    Good luck!
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