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starting to freak out over reception venue :(

We are having a really tough time deciding on a reception venue. We are getting married in our house, 15 guests. But here's the thing. Between my nieces and nephews (who live with my dad and step mom), my fiance's two children and his nephew there will be a total of seven teens and tweens - half the guest list! Lol I don't mind, I think it's kind of fun, but kids these days are such picky eaters!

I am basically looking at three options:

There is a beautiful Italian restaurant in town and I know they'd let us order off the menu, but they don't have a private area. There is a space where you can book parties, but the washrooms are there. Everyone in the restaurant would be traipsing by our table to use the washroom.

There s a hotel two blocks from our house but the small meeting room overlooks the ugly recreation centre. Also, the food as well as service is hit and miss there as they have a high staff turnover. They will have a 'beef or chicken' menu for us to choose from.

There is a lakeside lodge a 30 minute drive away. It will be family style dining. They have pool tables and a large screen wii system as well as a quiet bar area with huge fireplace. We can stay there over night. But my fiance's kids are ruled by their mother's whims and as soon as she texts them to make them feel guilty about spending time with us, he or my MIL will have to up and leave right that minute to drive them home.

We are totally stuck and not sure what to decide on.

Re: starting to freak out over reception venue :(

  • Hit and miss food wouldn't work for me and I would want a private room for dinner so I would schedule dinner at the lodge. Hopefully, in the next 9 months your FI's ex will calm down about the kids and let them enjoy their father's wedding. But I would set up their transportation and stick to it. If she wants to come get them she can, otherwise they will be brought back the next morning or whenever. They'll probably be having so much fun with their cousins they probably won't want to go home early.
  • Funny you should mention the word 'cousins'. FI and I have been together for almost seven years now. The kids all decided a few years ago, while on our annual family camping trip, that they were going to be 'cousins' and they've called each other that ever since. Drives my FI's ex crazy as she totally hates me. lol

    Thanks for the advice. :smiley: I will plan for the kids to stay there overnight with everyone at the lodge and if they want to leave, their mom can come and get them. 
  • I hope everything works out. I don't have any experience dealing with baby mamas so use your best judgement. You are going to have to deal with her for a long time, be strong with your boundaries but kind. Kindness will probably piss her off at first but in the end, you can't argue with it.
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