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Facebook brides are just so horrible

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Been on this website ever since being engaged, and never interacted with any brides in my adult life (First of my friends to get engaged), so rude wedding behavior shocks me now!

Anyway there was an article posted on facebook by Brides Magazine "8 Things that might annoy your wedding guests".

It's filled with points that seem obvious: Don't ask for cash gifts, not too many speeches, be careful with weather, no long gaps, etc obvious obvious... But christ the comments. One even suggested hiring a body guard to kick out guests who didn't comply with their terrible wedding. Enjoy?

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Re: Facebook brides are just so horrible

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    Wedding bodyguards? While I love me some Swayze, if you expect your reception at any point may resemble a scene from Roadhouse, you're doing it wrong. Very wrong.


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    I just don't get how these girls think they're doing people a favor by inviting them. Some people are so damn entitled for no reason, it's crazy (But funny).
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    I posted something about a month ago over in the etiquette board about the facebook groups. And then one of the girls from the groups got crazy and started sending me hate mail.They take their BSC wedding plans for serious.

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