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Nevada-Las Vegas

Eloping in Vegas just us 2

hello!! I've been reading through so many posts on here and looking at tons of websites for pricing....however, there won't be a reception or chair set up for guests as it'll be just us two...maybe two friends, hard because we live in Florida and I can't expect anyone to spend money on flights and hotels.
We are doing this to avoid spending all our money along with money we don't have on a wedding...so crazy expensive l!!
it seems we can still have a nice wedding in Vegas, I'm looking for something where we can still get amazing pictures, video, and live streaming for family at home. I'll get my hair and make up done, and tux rental would be good but we can do that at home too. 
Just curious on any recommendations on best place for something nice and small but not crazy expensive. I appreciate it! Oh and no Elvis lol. :)

Re: Eloping in Vegas just us 2

  • Depending on how much work you want to put into the streaming aspect, you may be able to open up a lot of possibilities there if you were to do that part yourself.  If it were not for that, I would tell you the great news is that you can get married pretty much anywhere in Vegas with any setting, theme, background, etc. that you want, since officiants can come to you and marry you wherever you want.  Wanting to live stream it is where it gets complicated; that limits you to either going with a chapel that offers that as a service, or doing it yourself.

    If you did it yourself, you could do something like a group Skype or live Youtube stream via a laptop, tablet or phone (assuming wind noise isn't an issue) via wifi or cell hot spot.  Test it out in advance, then on wedding day, just have all the relatives sign on, make sure things are working, and start the ceremony.

    Now, that being said, unless you have a an actual camcorder or pro camera feeding a computer/laptop for the stream, the video is not going to be very high quality to begin with and could be difficult or impossible to hear.  Personally, I'd rather have one of your two guests video the ceremony with a real camcorder and then upload it afterward (that day, night, when you get back, etc); then everyone can see and hear it in high def and watch as often as they want.  Or if not a guest, the limo driver, bellman you give a big tip to, etc.  Additionally, it's not unheard of for chapel video streaming services to be 'out of order' the day of your ceremony, so even booking with one that offers it is no guarantee; I think I saw that occur on here just a week or two ago.

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  • We are eloping from the uk next month and using the outdoor gazebo at chapel of the flowers. The package we have includes limo to and from chapel, flowers, photographs, videographer doing DVD and 2 weeks worth of streaming. I think it was around $899 however you can customise packages and add/remove things. Have a look on their website and you can arrange to speak with one of their planners to discuss what it is you want. 
  • They also offer tux/dress hire and hair and make up packages x
  • Yes,  I've looked at chapel of flowers a lot!!!  Seems very nice and reasonable pricing.  The hotels are look amazing but pricey!!!  Please post some reviews then and best wishes!!! 
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