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New York-Long Island

Work out partner

So I've tried to get motivated for working out. But I think a gym buddy makes it so much easier. Anybody in the Oyster Bay/LV/ Glen Cove area need a gym buddy? I was a college athlete so I know what a real workout is... so I won't hold you down. Haven't picked a gym so that's not a problem either. 

Re: Work out partner

  • wish i lived closer. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week but im all the way out east. :( good luck!
  • I am in Roslyn, but I have weird hours--what days/times were you thinking?
  • I get off work at 2 on Mondays- Friday
  • i do about an hour of cardio every time i go and lift for about an hour. Lots of reps but low weight. If you do one or the other and not both, i find its really hard to lose any weight...considerable weight that is. I was 210 a few years back but i am not around 145 ( i am 5foot8)
    I would say the only real thing that i need work on is my stomach.
  • Hey! I live in East Norwich oyster bay... And am in dire need of a workout buddy. Nothing too strenuous, but I definitely need to work on toning and some cardio 3x per week. Let me know!! Kasey
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  • Kasey I Private Messaged you... I'm ready to start today! 
  • Anyone near Centereach? I have a membership to PF and I go ridiculously early in the morning before work usually 5 or 6 am for an hour or so M-F, if your membership isn't from PF, that's fine, I can still get you in.  :) I do mostly cardio, with stretching and toning.
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