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Garter question?

Hi everyone. I'm getting married in June, and I already have my "under the dress" stuff, but I'm not sure if I should have a leg garter in addition. I know that people remove it as part of the reception, but I'm not sure what kind or color to get? Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Garter question?

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    It honestly doesn't matter. Are you planning on having your partner remove if for a garter toss? Get something you want people to see. Are you just tossing a spare, get a set that comes with a small one to toss and another to keep, if that's your thing. Are you type A everything must match, get one that matches the color of your dress and has an accent that matches your colors. Big sports fan, get one in you teams colors. 

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    Do you want to do the garter toss?  If not, you don't need to get a garter.

    And if you do decide to do this, I would probably recommend putting it on right before you actually do the toss.  Mainly because I don't know about you, but the thought of fabric constantly rubbing against my leg whenever I walk sounds very uncomfortable.

    As for what to get, just get anything you like.  The majority of your guests will hardly even see it except for the two seconds it is flying through the air.

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    I agree only get one if you are doing a garter toss, and only do that if you want to. If you don't want to do the garter toss, you don't need one at all because you won't be wearing stockings that need to be held up by garters in June in the year 2016. At least it's very unlikely.
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    Garter tosses are on the way out.  They have become sleezy and embarrassing.
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    I bought myself a garter set, but mostly because I thought it was pretty and silky and my inner little girl got excited by the sparkles and pearls on it. Not sure yet that I really want to do a toss at the wedding, since it can make guests uncomfortable. I've seen them removed respectfully, but even still... yeah, it can be awkward. I had never heard until recently of the awful custom of making the guy who catches it put it on the woman who catches the bouquet. Never seen that, and definitely not inspired by it (unless by "inspired" we mean "horrified"). If FI really wants to toss a garter to the guys, I think we'll just skip the taking-it-off act altogether, and he can just toss the spare garter without putting on a show for everybody. Otherwise, it's just being saved for him exclusively. 

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    I personally don't like the garter toss thing, and really don't see a point in wearing one unless you're doing it. Friends that have done it have ranged from just a basic one you can buy lots of places to ones that match a favorite sports team or other interest of theirs.
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