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Rustic/country wedding items

I'm in the Southington/Plainville area. I'm just looking to see if anyone has any Country/Rustic style décor or other items that they used for their wedding and no longer need. I'm having the hardest time finding the right venue. Not really impressed with the ones I actually can afford. BUT I am starting to get together anything that matches my theme. If you have anything let me know. Nothing too expensive please, I'm on a very strict budget since my fiancé is laid off. Thanks!

Re: Rustic/country wedding items

  • Hi there! Have you looked into Holcomb Farm in Granby? They have a VERY reasonable rental fee-the only catch is that you have to bring in your own caterer etc...I'm getting married at Wood Acres Farm in Terryville(fell in love with it before I even found Holcomb) I've been slowly collecting my rustic/country items as well-I'm finding I will have to do a lot of it myself(or pay an arm and a leg for pre-made stuff!) it's not a bad idea to wander around flea markets and thrift stores to find some interesting items if you don't need them all to match!
  • I dont think i have ever been so excited for tag sales lol. I'm hoping to get most of my stuff that way. I want to be a diy as possible. I think its the only way to make your wedding yours. I dont feel like a banquet hall can give me that country feel. Plus I love the idea of wearing cowboy boots with the perfect dress. Our families are not "dress up" people so a nice laid back wedding would be so perfect! 
  • We're getting married at Wright's Mill Farm up north and it is very rustic. I have been looking on pinterest and esty and making a lot of thing by hand :)
  • I LOVE cowboy boots but it's not really "us" we're doing converse instead lol...it's a lot of fun finding all the uniques little details here and there and imagining how they'll all look together!
  • Oh I love the converse idea! But then again, that wouldn't be "us" lol. I'm just in love with the old rustic country theme. I really wish I had a family or friend with a nice backyard we could use.. we are so laid back, we don't want to be all extravagant.
  • Have you looked at the Old Webb barn in old wethersfield?
  • Yea. I love the Old Webb Barn but with just the rental fee being 4k, its a little steep.. I'm giving myself till April to choose a venue.. By then i will only have a year left.
  • I just read on another forum about Allen Tree Farm in Brooklyn Ct...I'm not sure of the price but might be worth checking out-it looks lovely! Otheir places I considered were Maneely's and Seasons at the Tradition....they weren't barns per se, but were more of a lodge feel(exposed beams etc) maybe take a peek at those too!
  • Maneely's has a minimum way over my guestlist, but I have checked out Seasons of the Tradition. My cousin suggested a place in Narragansett, Spain house or something. Its actually really cute. VERY good pricing and it will help narrow down our guestlist even more.
  • Oh great! Yeah that's the EXACT reason we didn't go with Macneely's! Everything else about them would be ideal otherwise but there was no way we could have stayed in budget and still met the minimum unfortunately.
  • I hate the word budget haha. I'm paying for everything myself, so honestly i'd rather have a cute little venue, close family and friends and DIY every damn thing I can lol
  • I can certainly relate to that!!! 
  • We are getting married at Holcomb Farm in June.  I think the rates just went up though.  We are using Myers Catering in East Hampton.  I thought it was a pretty reasonable rate.  We are having 100 people and our total budget is 10,000.  I have been thrift shopping for the past year getting together vintage gold rimmed china, gold rimmed glasses, vintage silverware, vintage glass pitchers, salt & pepper shakers. 
  • @justsuzie the CT wedding swap group on Facebook had some pretty gold accented rustic items for sale recently...maybe take a peek there and see if they have anything you'd like?
  • what a great idea. My budget is 10k as well.. I thought it would be more expensive to have to rent a place and bring everything in though.
  • @korishka you should check out that group as well!
  • @elexismc I just joined a bunch of them! haha
  • Nice!!! I just bought some adorable birch table card holders from one of the girls on the CT one!
  • Elexismc said:
    Nice!!! I just bought some adorable birch table card holders from one of the girls on the CT on

    Which group?The NorthWest Ct group?
  • justsuzie said:
    Elexismc said:
    Nice!!! I just bought some adorable birch table card holders from one of the girls on the CT on

    Which group?The NorthWest Ct group?
    I saw those! I was going to buy them and I saw someone already did! SO funny that was you! lol
  • LOL! That's funny! She had a cake stand and a sign available  as well
  • When are you getting married? We still have plenty of time. Not till May 2017.
  • I'm 10/14/2017 I've picked up a handful of things already...I figure it's easier than scrambling and hoping to find what I like-plus those holders were like $15 each online and she was selling 8 of them for $30 total I couldn't pass that up!
  • For sure, that's a great price. I should be getting a package today, on here I found a cute vintage suitcase for $10 and 80 yellow satin chair sashes for $30 AND she covered half the shipping so I only had to pay $52 for everything. I just need to decide on a venue so I can finish getting more things.
  • Oh awesome! I'm such a sucker for a good deal!
  • I'm thinking about looking into JTimothy's for our reception.. This is so overwhelming. CT is so damn expensive. 
  • Well I can tell you my old job had their Xmas party there for YEARS it was great food! It does also have a rustic feel ironically lol! There are some really reasonably priced places around, but unfortunately they don't always go hand in hand in CT
  • I work down the st and we don't live too far from there at all. I really dont need a huge formal thing. I'm curious if there are any bridal bootcamp type things in ct..  i've gained so much since i left my last job.
  • Me too! I feel like I must be eating more carbs or something-plus they get cake for everyone's birthday there-it feels like it's someone's birthday there every week! I had cake my first day there lol....I know you're shooting for Rustic, but Testa's and Krystal Garden(wolcott) had VERY good pricing too!
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