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We moved to Nola this past summer and are getting married here this October!  We're hoping to incorporate as many New Orleans traditions into the weekend as we can since the majority of our guests will be visiting from out of town.  We're doing cake pulls, a jazz band (no 2nd line because of the venue location).  What should we make sure to include? Both wedding day and wedding weekend wise!

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  • You are probably better off posting this on the local NOLA board. This board is more international. If you want to have this post moved, please let the mods know!


  • I would just focus on the wedding day itself.  Let your guests decide for themselves what to do.  There is such a wide range of things to do, I would let the guests decide what works best for them.
  • My sister got married in NOlA. A live band is a great start. Have a signature cocktail at your bar - a hurricane. Serve gumbo, crawfish cakes, muffuletta, jambalaya, etc. Just have a really NOLA menu. My sister also had masks and beads just strewn out on all the tables. People loved them.

  • I love the mask and beads idea!  Plus - we're mid Mardi Gras right now and have a box of beads already!
  • I was married in Nola and it was wonderful!  Also just came back from Mardi Gras. So sad to be missing Zulu today!

    We did cake pulls (found them on Etsy from a seller in Metarie).  I also did passed beignets towards the end of the night.  We skipped the 2nd line (it was expensive and can require police escort if you're doing a real one) so we just did an after party at a bar.  

    I'm happy to share vendor information with you if you like.  You made a great choice!

  • I a getting married in NOLA in April of 2017- We will be having a second line- that is where most of our budget is going! I will make our mask and umbrellas. We will definitely have beads to throw for our guest.   We will be having Croquembouche for our wedding cake. We will be getting married during the French Quarter festival so the party will definitely be already there. 
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