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bridesmaids or maid of honor(s)?

So, I'm asking my two nieces to be in my wedding party. I will only have two. I don't want to make one my maid of honor and make the other feel like she wasn't good enough because that's not the case. So should I ask them both to be my bridesmaids or make them both my maid of honor? I'm not sure. . I'm asking them tomorrow , taking them out to lunch & got them a little box filled with goodies :) 

Re: bridesmaids or maid of honor(s)?

  • You can do either, but I agree that both should be considered the same since there are only two.
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    I think just having them both be maids of honor would be sweet, but some women read waaaaaaaayyy too much into the title and would feel upset at sharing "duties" with another woman. I vote for making them bridesmaids. 

    Either one. 

    However, the plural of Maid of Honor is Maids of Honor, because you're having several maids, not several honors (like sisters-in-law).

    (Sorry. Pet peeve.)
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  • The one who will stand next to you and hold your bouquet while you are saying your vows is your MOH.
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    Thank you to all of you! I will work on that lol I have been calling my sisters in law sisters in laws lol now I know
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