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Positive Story for No-Shower Brides

Just wanted to share a recent anecdote as a bride-to-be who is not having a shower due to travel issues (all my bridal party and family members are OOT, some across the country).

I received the nicest bridal shower card in the mail yesterday from one of my "adoptive aunts" (a close friend of my family) who lives over 2,000 miles away. At first I was a bit confused and hoped that somebody hadn't miscommunicated to her that I was having one. Instead, when I opened the card up, I found she had written me best wishes and that, while she couldn't physically host a shower for me, she said she was in spirit and is planning on coming to my wedding this summer. She also included a check to put towards a shower gift for myself. 

I was so touched and teared up reading it. She definitely didn't need to be so generous, both emotionally and financially, and it was completely unexpected. But I am so grateful for her kindness, and especially excited and honored that she hopes to make the long trip out for my wedding. She cares for a daughter who suffers from some serious health issues and also runs her own business, so I know that making plans to visit is a huge deal.

Hope this can serve as a reminder for any brides-to-be that just because you may not get a lot of pre-wedding parties doesn't mean your loved-ones aren't happy for you and supporting you, and whatever they are able to do, whether that's a card or a phone call or just wishing you well in spirit, is such a gift in and of itself, and so extremely humbling. 

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