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Are kids welcome?

are kids welcome at your wedding? 
how do you ask friends and family not to bring their kids?

Re: Are kids welcome?

  • Kids will definitely be welcomed at mine, since a lot of them are such a huge part in my and my fiance's lives. For weddings that are adults only, I would put that it is adults only somewhere on the rsvp card? That way everyone will see it early and have time to arrange for a sitter!
  • We only invited the kids that we're close to - my cousin's daughters and my husband's step-sister's kids. 

    Do not put "adults only" on anything - your STD, your invitation, your website. It's considered very rude to do that. Also, don't contact people to tell them their kids aren't invited. That's very rude too. When sending out invitations, you address the invite only to the people invited. Most will understand from that that their children are not invited. 
  • than you ladies @Knottie1454808613 and @climbingwife i love your wedding photos. you look super happy on the first one (left photo)
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