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Finally made some decisions!!

We finally made some decisions!! We have settled on a date (6-24-17), have a rough estimate guest list (80 currently, that may decrease to 75), chose a color pallet (white, pink w/ gold glitter accents).  FYI we are planning our wedding with a $4000 budget in Cleveland, OH. We do have a little room in that budget to go higher, however, I do NOT want to get that in my head. 

We have also decided that we are not going to have a traditional reception, but rather a "cocktail" like reception. We are going to visit a local owned wine bar on Monday. We have also picked out ceremony location. We haven't officially made any deposits yet, but plan to in the next few weeks. 

How is the planning going?

Re: Finally made some decisions!!

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    Wow! You have been busy! The next thing to get done for us is our engagement photos which we are taking July 8th at our wedding and reception location. From there I think I will go ahead and book a DJ, baker and florist. My best friend husband is a minster and will be marrying us. 

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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one planning a little early. Sometimes I feel like vendors are a little annoyed I'm looking already for next summer, but honestly the more I can get done the better! 

    We have the chapel/venue booked, the florist and the photographer ready. 

    Honestly, the thing that I'm most torn about is the color palette. I am the last of 8 girl cousins to get married (most of them summer weddings as well), so I really would rather not repeat what another one has done. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they're doing to mix it up a little? 
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