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What was your "Something Old.."?

If you did it, what was your something old.  I would like to do this, and I have blue (Shoes), New (Dress) and Borrowed (Mom's necklace), but not sure what to do for Something old?  Just looking for ideas.  Thanks!


Re: What was your "Something Old.."?

  • None of my grandparents are alive still, so one thing I would like to do is incorporate something from both of my grandmothers into my wedding look. My one grandmother left me her 25th anniversary earrings my grandfather gave her -- they are silver and a blue-ish periwinkle, so I figured they would count for both "old, borrowed, and blue". My other grandmother gave me a faux-diamond necklace that I am thinking of wearing, which would also be "borrowed and old". It is a bit showy (normally I'm more of a fan of subtle jewelry), but it also has a lot of sentimental value, since I used to play dress-up with it as a little girl (as did my mom and her sister). And heck, when else in my life will I have occasion to go all My Fair Lady?!?


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  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots
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    I took it as anything not brand I wore the bracelet my mom bought me for high school graduation which was 12 years old. I also wore her necklace my father bought her 30 years ago so that counted for both borrowed and old.



  • I'm wearing my great grandmother's necklace, which my mom also wore at her wedding. I'm counting it as my old and borrowed. I could possibly call it my something blue, too, because some of the pearls have a blue-ish green color to them, but I have something else planned for that anyway.

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  • 100 year old lace handkerchief from my great grandmother, who died before I was born.  My daughter used it, too.
  • My old and blue are the first pair of earrings my Fiancée gave me. Not really that old, but like @jenna8984, I am taking old to mean anything not brand new.
  • My grandma joked that she was my something old. I did end up wearing earrings of hers from the 60s that she gave me years ago 
  • labrolabro Hotlanta
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    I tucked an embroidered hankie that belonged to one of my great grandmothers into my bouquet. I didn't really follow the rest of the poem but that was one of the few things I did manage to get together! Maybe your mom or grandmother has an old piece of jewelry you can incorporate somehow.

  • I think I wore my grandmother's wedding band on my right hand. I was originally going to wear a necklace of hers, but H gave me pearls as a gift so I wore those instead.
  • I also took it to mean anything not brand new. I wore the pearl necklace that my now husband, then bf gave me as a birthday gift when we recently started dating. It complemented my dress nicely, is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, and I thought it was a nice nod to my relationship with DH.
  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston
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    Old panties & bra.

  • My something old is a set of pearls my aunt gave me for my HS graduation.
    Borrowed is my mom's veil, dress is new, and still working on something blue.
    I think my mom mentioned once that one of our relatives (my great grandmother, maybe?) gave my sisters and I each a handkerchief or something when we were baptized that we could carry at our wedding so that probably ticks the old box too. Maybe even blue but I haven't seen it since I was an infant so I'm not really sure... I should really ask my mom about that haha.
  • My something old was also my something borrowed, my mom's strand of pearls. I have my own but I wanted to use hers to have a something borrowed and also because mine is one strand of black and one strand of white pearls and hers is just one white.
  • Thank you everyone for your responses.  I wasn't thinking that the "old" and the "borrowed" could be the same.... my mom's necklace is older than I am!  Thank you!!
  • New is going to be pretty much everything. I have blue on me-- tattoos, hair. Old is part of my grandmother's wedding dress. Borrowed is my mother's veil.

  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya
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    I considered my engagement ring "old".
  • My mom brought my grandma's cameo pin (one of them) that I pinned to my bouquet. She collected them. She passed away over 20 years ago, and it was nice to have it with me. 

    Blue was my bouquet wrap, borrowed was my earrings and bracelet from my BFF, and new was pretty much everything else I was wearing.
  • My dress is new, my mom gave me her veil, FSIL is lending me her grandmother's pearl necklace, and I dont have anything blue yet. 

  • My old/borrowed is a necklace that my great grandmother got from my great grandfather while they were still dating.  She wore it on their wedding day, and my mom wore it when she and my dad got married.  I have no idea what's new/blue for me, but hey I'll figure it out maybe.
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  • Old is my grandmother's engagement ring, just reaching 100 years old.  Borrowed/blue is a pair of earrings I actually bought for my mom on a trip to Venice.  New--dress, shoes, etc.  Sixpence as well for my shoe--had to order that online!
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    Old was my bra. 
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  • AddieCake said:
    Old was my bra. 


    I like how you think. I specifically bought a bra and didn't wear it for the ~2 months before bc I wanted it to be pristine. And not risk the underwire breaking like every bra does to me. 
  • Pretty similar to everyone else, old was my SIL's mothers bracelet, borrowed pearl earrings from my mother, my dress was new and my shoes were (partially) blue. 
  • The ivory shoes I'd worn to an 8th grade graduation dance and hadn't worn since. They still fit and went with my dress! 
  • My old and borrowed was a pearl necklace my mom and grandma both wore to their weddings.  New was dress and blue was birds I put on the toes of my shoes.
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI
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    So far I just need borrowed.

    Old - My grandmothers scarf that I'm going to wrap around the bouquet
    New - Dress
    Blue - Shoes
  • MrsH2016MrsH2016
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    Old- my mom's diamond/sapphire necklace, bracelet, and earrings
    New- wedding dress
    Borrowed- slip for under the dress (came from my cousin)
    Blue- shoes (I love colored wedding shoes!)

  • old- the lace from my mom's dress is being made into the edging on my veil
    New- my dress
    borrowed- my grandmother's good costume jewelry (the kind jewelers used to sell)
    blue- my engagement ring has a blue diamond center
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  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
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    Grandmother's pearl bracelet was my something old. 

  • old-grandmothers lace hankerchief pinned in my dress
    borrowed-mom's bracelet
    new- earrings
    blue- ended up being my garter, but I had planned on tying the saphire ring H gave me on my birthday when we were dating onto my bouquet but I forgot it in my hotel room. 


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