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Wedge shoes?!

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a comfortable pair of wedge shoes to wear at my wedding. I don't normally wear heels, so I think I'll be less wobbly, and more graceful, in wedges.

I'm not super fussy about color, but I'm having such a tough time finding what I'm looking for!!

Ideally I'd like a platform wedge, the heel height being somewhere around 2.5-3.5 inches. I'd prefer closed toe, but really not that picky.

My friend says I *must* get leather sole, because it's more flexible and I can break it in, whereas synthetic sole can be painful on the day... but every shoe I look at has synthetic sole!!

I've heard Ivanka Trump, Steve Madden, and Jessica Simpson are comfortable. I've looked at DSW, Town Shoes, The Shoe Company, Aldo, Naturalizer... the list goes on.

I just want to be: 1. comfortable 2. feel at least a little elegant (otherwise I'd get sneakers). 3. Not spend over $150 if possible.

Anyone have suggestions or advice?

Re: Wedge shoes?!

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    I wouldn't worry about what the sole is made of. But, if you aren't used to wearing heels, I agree with staying towards a lower heel, preferably with a small platform in the front. The Cole Haan Air Tali's are really comfortable.
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    I'll just second Steve Madden. Also I have a pair of Aerosole wedges that I LOVE and that are amazingly not old lady looking so that's another option. Franco Sarto is probably my favorite brand for everything though. Their shoes look great and are all super comfortable! I don't think a leather sole is really going to matter all that much as heel height.

    DSW's website has TONS more options than their physical stores do and I think even free shipping? You should start your search there and also check for these brands on Zappos.

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    I'm not a stiletto girl, but I wanted to have a little bit of height so i went for a shorter wedge heel... I think mine were about 2" tall. They were Seychelles brand and the soles were so, so comfortable! I wore them all night even though I had brought lace Toms just in case.

    ETA: These were mine:

    While searching for them on amazon I noticed the brand also has a lot of wedges!
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    Aerosoles can be comfortable and still have styles that are stylish.

    Will your shoes show with your dress? If not I wouldn't worry about getting any sort of heel since you're not comfortable with them.

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    Ditto Aerosoles. Even the ones that aren't wedges tend to have a bit of platform and a chunkier heel.
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    I use to wear heels a lot for work (dress code change from professional to casual was the best thing ever.) I had a lot of luck with Madden Girl shoes from DSW. I have probably bought 5-6 pairs of the same shoe in different colors. I've also bought several different styles from them as well. IMO, they were far more comfortable than the Jessica Simpsons brand.

    When I am breaking in new shoes I wear a pair of socks and wear the shoes while I'm blow drying my hair or doing my make up for a few days before I have to wear them.

    I hope you find the perfect pair of comfortable shoes! :)
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    I found my wedges at DSW and they are super comfortable. They had several different kinds and lots of colours to choose from. Easy to walk in and I'm a scrubs and sneakers wearing girl.

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    I have had problem legs and feet all my life.  High heels have never been a good idea for me, and besides, I'm tall, and a lot of cute guys weren't.
    This is the go to dress shoe for people who have trouble wearing high heels or wedges:

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    I'm with PPs ON Aerosoles. They're comfy and cute.

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    I also like Franco Sarto. I bought a pair of wedge sandals from The Shoe Company that are Franco Sarto- very comfortable.

    I feel like unless you're going really high end, leather soles would be hard to find?
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    Everyone has different feet.  My shoes are nine west because I can wear those all day regardless of heel height.  I would suggest taking an afternoon and trying on a bunch of different brands and walking around for a while on them to see what brand fits you.
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