Akron/Canton Outdoors Venue Help

So hopefully someone can help. We have a list of needs and we can't find anything. The closest thing I found was in FireStone Park, but being city owned, no alcohol. 
Here is what we need: 
-Dog Friendly 
-Outside, or opens to outside. Yard is very important because our entertainment is focused on large yard games. Wouldn't mind being inside as long as it opens up to outside and flows together. Pavilion work great too. 
-Alcohol allowed 
-outside catering allowed 
-People will be 50-150. I'm open to this. My venue is more important to me than my third cousin frank coming. 
-affordability. Most likely paying for on our own. His mother wants to help but there are always strings. And I will not allow her to control my day. 
-location needs to be within 30 min from Canton or Closer. 

Thank you all. 

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