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Does anybody have any suggestions for a party bus/limo in the Denver area? Our hotel is right next to the venue so I don't need guest transportation but would like to do pictures with my bridal party around the city. I only need something for 2 hours and most places have a four hour minimum which is about $800 and I just can't justify spending that much for two hours!

The only thing that I've found is something that I thought was called Denver Limo & Party Bus but then then sent me a very sketchy contract that had the name A Five Start Limousine but the e-mail address was and when you search that youfind a website that is and there were some particular details of the contract that I'm really pretty sure are just not legal to require and not enforceable. So they really just don't seem at all trustworthy and now I am back at step one and am at a loss.

Can anybody help???

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