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Maid of Honor Speech...with a twist

My brother is getting married in June and he has been with his fiancee for almost four years. She's part of our family. She's with us for nearly every holiday. She was there through my whole pregnancy and my 2.5 year old daughter knows her as Aunt Beth and has never known a world without her. When she asked me to be her maid of honor I was happily surprised. My question is...when I look for tips on writing my toast, it's clear that most maids of honor are close friends of the bride who definitely don't know the groom as well. That's not the case here as he is my only sibling and we're very close. I'm struggling with how to write a toast that honors my future sister in law, respects my role as maid of honor, and doesn't ignore my close bond with my brother - the groom. Any tips? 

Re: Maid of Honor Speech...with a twist

  • The title of this discussion scared me so I'm happily surprised you're not asking us to help you write a rap.

    I think you're in a great place to toast their relationship. Often times MOH try to hard to prove how amahhhhzzzzing their friendship with the bride is by reading off a sheet of paper and listing off inside jokes, times the bride got wasted, loser exes etc.

    Remember in wedding crashers when Rachel McAdams completely flops trying to be sarcastic/funny? She just comes off mean. To appeal to masses you don't have to be cheesy so aim for (short and) sweet.

    spockforprez[Deleted User]MairePoppyOurWildKingdom
  • I was MOH in my FI's brother's wedding. I had only met his sister-in-law a few times, but due to some family drama on her side no one in her family was going to be up for the wedding, so she asked if I'd be willing to stand up with her.

    Because I didn't know either of them that well, I decided to make my speech about what I did know, which is their view on family. I kept it short and focused on how they both come from backgrounds where family is defined by love, not blood, and how beautiful it is that they found each other, and have started building their own family.

    Speeches don't have to be some long affair full of personal memories on your times together. Just make it true and appropriate.

    VicTim328[Deleted User]OliveOilsMomOurWildKingdom
  • I was the MOH for my brothers/SIL wedding many years ago.  She was always like a sister to me so I was for sure honored she picked me.  I kept it short and sweet but definitely had tribute to my relationship with both the bride and the groom. 

  • A little late but ....

    My H's brother was his BM and I wasn't sure how his speech was. {he was determined to do one fyi}
    I thought it would be a roast of his brother, but it actually was funny, sentimental and made us both feel great. He brought up funny stories that didn't require much explanation, and if there was an explanation it was short and sweet.

    In the end, everyone loved his speech because it came from the heart and everyone could laugh.
  • How did the wedding and toast go?  Did you find a happy balance?
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