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Wedding Color Trouble

So my wedding colors are marsala, smoke, and gold (Pinterest inspiration). I did not realize how hard it would be to find different items in the perfect marsala color. Has anyone else who chose marsala to be a part of their color pallet run into this issue? Where did you shop? (flowers, décor, bridesmaid dress, bowties, etc.)

Re: Wedding Color Trouble

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    Have you tried also searching for words like "cranberry", "wine", etc?

    Anyway, I don't think it'd be that difficult to find a bridal store, ask to see bridesmaids dress swatches, and go through those until you find a swatch similar to what you need (or even a paint store). For flowers, take the swatch to your florist and get her opinion on what flowers best fit that color scheme. There are tons of roses out there that can come in that shade, dahlias, etc.

  • Wine has been the closest color I have found to it, it's been frustrating though because every store's version of wine has varied. I'm also doing artificial flowers (lots of allergies on my fiancés side of the family) so I've been doing a lot of searching online.
  • totally agree with @labro. One of my colors was peach and I found that places had anywhere from light pink to salmon to coral labeled as peach. In the end I gave up trying to make everything match EXACTLY and to be honest I doubt anyone even noticed.
  • I think you'll find this with a lot of colours (not everything will be exactly the same)- I agree with finding a swatch of the colour you want and using that to pick flowers and dresses. Think more in shades. 

    Our colours were navy, plum and lavender. My BMs got their dresses at David's Bridal- DB doesn't have navy, they have midnight blue- looked pretty navy to me (I think of midnight blue as almost black), so we went with it. 

    When we got our flowers, though I had told the florist plum and lavender, we ended up with a variety of purple shades. Yes, there are some flowers that are probably exactly plum and exactly lavender, but unless you are going to be very specific with flower type, you'll do better going based on shades. Which is what we ended up with- a balance of dark purple and light purple. Of course there aren't navy flowers (nor many flowers that are blue at all- they usually look more purple), but I still wanted some blue in the bouquets, so we went with blue delphinium. The colour scheme was still there, and it matched other items that were "our" colours. 
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