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SOS: ways to prevent stretch marks???

Hi, all!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not entirely sure if I'm asking this question on the "right" page, but I figured it was as close as I was going to get. Feel free to tell me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, yeah, do you ladies have any recommendations for PREVENTING stretch marks? I just re-started BC pills after a hiatus. The last time I was on the pill, I went up a good few cup sizes, which lead to some pretty serious stretch marks (even though I was using moisturizer religiously). I can feel it happening again and want to be more proactive this time around. I know stretch marks aren't always preventable but I'll be damned if I don't try and stop these nasty little purple lines!!

Thoughts? Remedies that work well? Anything's appreciated here. Thanks very much :)

Re: SOS: ways to prevent stretch marks???

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    After just having a baby, I realized that they will never go away, but you can apply lotion to help them fade and not be so bright in color.  

    I've been applying cocoa butter and have seen some improvement.  

    Unfortunately, sometimes its just genetics LOL.

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  • Yeah, I'm honestly not sure how to prevent them -- I've heard that staying hydrated, putting gelatin in your diet, and using coconut oil lotion are all popular ways to help, but not sure if they actually work. I never really had a chance to "prevent" them before, since my stretch marks are from puberty when I went from being a tiny, skinny kid to developing some curves, especially in my hips. I sometimes use Jergens Glow lotion to help try to minimize their appearance, but I've kind of just accepted my tiger stripes (as I call them) are part of my body and here to stay. One of my friends is well endowed breast-wise, and has visible stretch marks on them. She still rocks her cleavage loud and proud. 

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  • Thanks guys! Will give staying hydrated/using coconut oil a try (already have that oil in my cupboard, woo hoo!)

  • Talk to a good dermatologist!  It's money better spent than on random products that might or might not do anything to help the skin...

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  • I've been told by doctors that stretch marks are genetic.  What you can try to do though is keep your skin moisturized.
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