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Wedding Woes


How was the weekend?

Friday, my friend and I decided at the last minute to meet up.  It was so what I needed.  We talked for about 4 hours.  We had FIL's bday on Saturday.  It went fine.  Seeing family was great.  I got a lot of snuggles with my baby nephew.  We made a great dinner and had a relaxing evening last night. 

Re: Monday

  • Traffic sucked Friday.

    Line at grocery pickup sucked.

    After sitting in line for 10+ minutes, when it was my turn to pull up, I was oblivious to the stupid barrier pole thing they placed because the sidewalk is right up against the grocery pickup lane.  Scraped the side of the car.  Not very big, but crosses two panels, because I'm awesome like that.  Evening. Ruined. 

    To make matters worse, Mr. Heff was really nice about it.  I felt awful and wanted to be yelled at, and he was so nice.  I picked the kids up, and as we were walking to the car I explained what had happened, and Wooz said "Oh no!  Poor thing, are you okay?"  I was touched, told her I was fine, no worries, and she said "I was talking to the car."  :|

    Then Mr. Heff got food poisoning from bad sushi.  (We think.  He was the only one who ordered sushi, and he was the only one who was sick--the rest of us felt fine.)  So it was an unfortunate weekend all around.

    This is how the store looked when it first opened.  Note the placement of the sidewalk relative to the parking lot/thru lanes.  Grocery pickup is on the left side of the photo, just past the fish sign.


    They later installed these stupid poles, I guess to compensate for their poor design:


  • Oh no @Heffalump I would have felt bad about the car too. I scraped my Dad's new truck against the house siding when I first I t my license and expected to get yelled at. Turns out everyone has just laughed about it (and me) for the last 15 years. It's pretty cute she talked to the car though. 

    My my weekend was pretty good. H and I finally saw Deadpool and it was even better than I expected. And yesterday I prepared food for the week so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. 

    This is morning we woke up with no water. Zero. Not even a drop. H has to call the landlord who gives zero fucks about fixing things. I keep counting down the days until we move back north. 
  • Good morning.

    The weekend was nothing too exciting, but it didn't suck.  I got some good deals at Target and Old Navy.

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    Oh no @Heffalump I would have felt bad about the car too. I scraped my Dad's new truck against the house siding when I first I t my license and expected to get yelled at. Turns out everyone has just laughed about it (and me) for the last 15 years. It's pretty cute she talked to the car though. 

    Thanks.  I mean really, it's no one's fault but mine, but given that I don't normally drive up against stationary objects, I'm going to blame their design a little, too.  It's fine when you're pulling up and you know they're there, but once you're parked and waiting in line, they're below the level of the side windows, so you can't see them anymore.  And because traffic was so backed up, it was messing with the thru lanes, so I tried to pull as far out of traffic as I could and ended up scraping my poor car.  Boo.
  • Good morning!

    This weekend was pretty amazing.

    Saturday I drove 6 ladies (including myself) to Vegas to try on dresses. I found my dress! Pictures to come. My mom, FMIL, and Matron of Honor found their dresses. My Maid of Honor wasn't able to attend, so I told her that if she wants to go at a later date, I would be willing to go with her if she wants. After dress shopping, we went to Trader Joe's and then I drove home. I was exhausted when I got home and was excited to try a new Malbec I got a TJ's.

    Sunday was the Daytona 500. Always an exciting race :) OH and TWD! Anyone care to discuss that one?!

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  • Got up at the butt crack of dawn (4:45!!) to go to a Women's Conference Saturday.  It was soooooooo worth it.  DH took the kids to the zoo and the park and for shakes.  No wonder they love him more.

    Sunday was church.  6let called me dumb in a very comical way.  I told him I needed to sign up to teach 1st grade again.  He asked if that was because I didn't know enough to teach older kids. 

    It was another gorgeous day so we played outside A TON and pulled out the bikes for the first time this year.  Then we had a movie night because everyone was so tired.

    DH just got pulled into an emergency meeting about his department being sold. He thinks this means they're one step closer to being sold.  Good news is it triggers the next phase of bonus money, bad news is it's one step closer to the unknown.
  • I had a great weekend.  

    Friday night was the house concert of one of my favorite musicians.  I took one of my really good friends with me.  We split a bottle of wine during the show.  He played my request of my favorite song of his.  Then he played a new song that straight up put me into tears.  Then he told me, "This is a safe space and if you need to cry, you do it."  Which made me cry harder while he and good friend hugged me.  Half a bottle of red wine, emotional week, and good music was enough to knock me down.

    Then, we hit up a new pub to meet more friends and K.  The guys sitting next to us are being very friendly.  I'm looking at one of them and realize I went to HS w/him.  Let's call him Carl.  Backstory:  Carl was someone I ended up working with in college.  He was great looking and I had asked him out.  He said yes, but did the whole, "Oh, I'm already busy that night," thing, so I figured out he just didn't want to tell me no and quit asking.  I find out later that someone asked him why he never went out with me and he said, "Varuna thinks too highly of herself."  That has always stuck with me (as you can tell), b/c it was really the first time that I had someone slap me down like that (I was maybe 19-20).

    So, Carl keeps looking at me and finally says, "Aren't I only a few years older than you?  You still look like you're in college."  B/c while Carl hasn't aged badly, he looks like he's 40.  And he keeps looking at K who likes to drop little kisses on me (yay for someone paying attention to me) and looking at me.  I finally tell him that yes this is the woman I'm seeing and yes, she's younger than us.  So yeah, little bit of HS vengeance was mine.  I'm petty enough (and will acknowledge that those damn HS experiences stay with you) to say I liked getting a comeuppance.  :smile: 

    Saturday and Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing but watching TV, movies, drinking wine, eating pizza, and reading.

    I did get a nasty-gram from ex-H blaming me for his taxes situation.  "You've well and truly fucked me over."  I e-mailed him back and told him everything happening to him was as a result of his own decisions or lack thereof, so he was fucking himself over.  And don't e-mail me again unless it's about business.  He then decided to post about how "I thought I was done being hurt by her" on his FB, where his friends decided to try and rip me to shreds.  I was angry for a bit.  Then I got over it.  I don't have to put up with his, or their, shit anymore.  #byefelicia
  • The weekend was pretty great.  We had friends over for dinner on Friday and then it was in the 50s/60s over the weekend.  Bizzare for central PA in the mountains, and probably means the planet is melting, but I'll selfishly take it:)

    DH got the garden prepped and we started planning what we'll plant this year.  I also went out to the thrift store alone:) DD is breastfed and 6 months old, so that was a treat.

    Today will be more decluttering, grocery shopping, and meeting someone to sell our cake stand to at the mall.  And more time outside, since it's supposed to be the last sunny and warm day this week.    
  • The weekend was good.  Friday night we ate in and I caught up on dvr stuff. 

    Saturday we went for my free birthday breakfast and then did some consignment and outlet shopping.  We roamed around a small town in our area, wandered about Cabella's and then went for dinner at a new place which was really good.

    Sunday was church and then birthday lunch with family.  The company and food was good.  We made preliminary plans with my family for a road trip this summer for my mom's 75th birthday.
  • My stupid tire pressure light came on and it took me 3 gas stations to find a working air pump. - The rear passenger tire was really low, so i knew it it was necessary to fill ASAP. (I'm hoping it holds up - I haven't bought new tires for my car, but I have a feeling they'll be expensive, and I'll have to replace all 4 at once. Only replacing 1 could screw with the AWD system.) Did I mention it's raining? I got in to the office an hour late and completely soaked. Fun times. 

    DK is on a business trip this week, so I'm playing the role of single parent. I also have a ton of work to catch up on because of my vacation and 50-something hours of classes, last week. I'll be doing another 2 week long class in Mid-March and I need to start prepping for my gallery walk presentation. 
  • Weekend was good, but far too short.

    Commute this morning was atrocious - a truck carrying a ton of scrap metal rolled over on the highway this morning, causing an insane traffic jam. Luckily there were no injuries. My usual 1-hour commute took nearly 2 hours. Poor H, though. His exit is after mine, so he was stuck in the traffic for a lot longer than I was. It took him over 2 hours just to get to this one spot on the highway that usually only takes him 20 minutes at the most.

    I also didn't sleep very well this weekend, so today feels like an especially Monday Monday. 
  • It's confirmed they are starting to the next phase of the sale. They are so many things they are not answering about employees, safety, union, benefits, timeline, anything. Dh is angry and nervous. This isn't one paper mill buyin another. This is one electrical company buying part of a university. 
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    I have mixed reviews of my weekend. 

    Saturday we went to a Gun Show.  Found a new gun I want, but did very good and didn't buy anything.  Then we spent some time outside with the dogs, since the weather was so nice here.  

    Sunday, I finished looking at our finances and budget.  Then argued with DH a bit when I told him we needed to spend less money.  When I first said we need to cut back on spending (especially on food), he thought I was saying HE needed to cut back.  He thought I was blaming it all on him and got immediately defensive.  But, as we got further into the discussion and he realized that I said, and really meant "WE", he calmed down.  And it also helped when he realized that I wasn't saying we need to cut back just for the fun of it, but that the monthly spending I was telling him was actually what we really have available to spend without taking on debt. It's either we stick to that amount or find a way to make more money, that's just how it goes.  Several years ago we were both laid off at same time and we never fought over money.  In the 7 years we've been together, this is the first argument we've had over money. Whether you have it or not, money just sucks.


  • ^^^ that reminded me that there was a gun and knife show at the same location as our conference. Two poor guys were very confused trying to register at the same time as 3000 women. 
  • We've gone from having no water to having unusable, brown water. It's been 12 hours and I'm losing my mind (and my patience). I can't imagine what the people of Flint, MI have been/still are going through. 

    @Heffalump it looks like the poles are not just below the side windows, but the mirrors probably wouldn't show them either. Poor design definitely partially to blame. 

  • Saturday I refereed a meet, and ended up also announcing a good chunk of the day instead - which was interesting considering that I had ZERO voice on Wednesday and the antibiotics really hadn't kicked in completely yet.  The meet got finished up at about 10PM (LONG day!), and it was just before midnight before everything was cleaned up/unloaded so we could go to eat, so didn't get home until about 2...  DH was grumpy as could be on Sunday because I was out so late (translation: He's mad I don't really get paid to ref). 

    Then Sunday after church we went to a fundraiser...  Quite honestly, the way the people were running it I had no motivation to pull out the checkbook any further than the initial per-person for the super lousy food (salad soup, cold undercooked spaghetti, bottle of water, and a mislabeled cupcake - really how can you eff up bagged salad!!!! but my bigger concern was something had Splenda in it and I'm allergic - NOT happy!!!)...  I've never been to a more money-grabby event than what they'd turned this one into!!! (and mind you, I've been to plenty of "checkbook parties", fundraisers, and the very high-dollar fundraisers and they've never been this over the top obnoxious money grabs).. 

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  • MesmrEwe said:

    but my bigger concern was something had Splenda in it and I'm allergic - NOT happy!!!)...  I

    I hear you on this - I can't have artificial sweeteners because they upset my stomach. 
  • Mil likes to add artificial sweeteners to EVERYTHING- chili, fruit salad, nothing is safe. 
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