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  • @labro and @minskat30 ugh my BIL has a huge family.  His dad is the youngest of 11.  Their wedding had 200 people, 10 were friends, maybe 30 was my family.  They're also the kind of family that you have to invite everyone or it causes drama.  After hosting my sister's bridal shower I decided not to host anything again involving his family, my mom wasn't so lucky.
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    @swazzle - Thank you!  I feel good today.  I should really dress up more.  Your company's leave policy makes me so jealous.  We get 4 1/2 weeks at full pay and then FMLA (unpaid) if you want to take more leave for 8 more weeks.  It makes me want to cry but I'm doing my best to try and change it (not for me, but just because it blows).

    @caseface5 - Wwwwwhhhhaaaaat?  Who SAYS that?  Holy crap, I hope he gets disciplined.

    @speakeasy14 - Wow!  That is one giant family.  I hope they all get along when they are together, for your sake.  Also, that wedding invite would get a big fat "declines with (ahem) regret" from me.

    @wink0erin - Those muffins sound amazing.

    @eilis1228 - That is an ADORABLE bib.  Good job!
  • @wink0erin Well nothing is really deer resistant. My mom has a huge deer problem in her yard and they literally eat everything she puts out there...even the stuff they are supposed to HATE. There's stuff you can add to the soil that works really well as deer repellent though. My mom's neighbors use it and they don't have to use netting at all to keep the deer away.

    @Swazzle I wish I was holding a beer but Starbucks is a good substitute for mornings I guess.

    @minskat30 Well for your future reference the brand is StainMaster so you can check it out whenever you get around to carpeting the basement!

    @caseface5 I can't even with your boss. I mean really????

  • @wink0erin laughed out loud about you wearing the same shirt each time it's asked! I'm sure you'll figure out something awesome with your yard. I had ideas for my last house that still never got done in 4 years and then I sold it haha.

    @eilis1228 omg you sewed that? It's awesome!

    @swazzle oooo are they studs or hoops? my earrings are all cheap crap.

    @caseface5 what the actual fuck.



  • @jenna8984 @minskat30 You guys are so cute too!! 

    @labro @speakeasy14 Yes I do have renter's insurance. I'm thinking I may be covered but I don't even know what my deductible is. I'm waiting to see if the landlord/prop management tells me I have to pay and then I'll contact my insurance. @wink0erin I know I couldn't have been the only one to have done something like this! Sometimes you just get so sidetracked. I'm so upset with myself though. When I was on the phone with the woman at the management company last night she was like calm down, we're all human. 
    Thanks to everyone crossing their fingers for me!!

    Sorry I'm popping in and out today- super busy at work and I'm still kind of training someone. Wish I could just come play with you guys. 

  • @speakeasy14 outside in November? That's terrible. I really don't understand what runs through people's minds when planning weddings. 

    @caseface5 Whoa, I'm glad the new supt did something. That's a really inappropriate comment for work. My first "real job" boss used to say garbage like that (and more), but he was in charge, it was a small company, and we didn't have HR. It was lawsuit levels of harassment, but it was my first job and I was afraid he would destroy my career if I spoke out. 

    @eilis1228 That bib is cute!


  • @labro Yeah I've heard the deer will eat anything. My across the street neighbor said her husband loves to garden and it basically ends up being deer food, She mentioned some sort of repellent that has sort of worked, so I'd probably try that. I suck at maintaining plants so maybe non-plant decorating would work best for me.  

  • @eilis1228 That bib is soooo adorable!!!!!
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  • @eilis1228 Love the bib! What a perfect gift!!

    I suppose we'll install as soon as we make a decision on if we'll hire them. There's really no reason we have to sit on the quote and wait. H and I will just have to pick a date where we have enough lead time to rip up and dispose of all the old carpet since we're doing that part ourselves.

  • @minskat30 kinda sorta get along?  They're just rude as a whole. At least this time they gave warning they'd be bringing their kids. As for the wedding, my bf sees nothing wrong with stuff like that, so I begrudgingly go and then lecture him on why it is wrong haha.  Part of my job is event planning so I get extra irritated by stuff like this. 

    @swazzle haha I like that plan

    @lavenderfields13 keeping my fingers crossed for you

  • @cu97tiger Omg how scary! I'm glad that it didn't develop into a fire! Also I love that watch. I have a MK watch's definitely not as pretty because it's all scratched up from years of wear and tear but they are my favorite.
  • @cu97tigerI love your watch...and your outfit...and your pretty face.  :)  Holy crap though ... I'm glad you guys are ok and that didn't start a fire.  We have a space heater we use sometimes but those things overheat quickly.  Our smoke detectors work a little too well, honestly, about once a week they go off when we are cooking something extra strong - even with our vent fan on.  
  • @cu97tiger omg! So glad you guys caught that before a fire started.  

    @labro smart! It's cheaper to remove it yourself.  I couldn't find the quote, but it was something like an additional $12 per step and any other additional work.  So our only extra cost for installation was the stairs since we had already removed all of the carpet.

    @eilis1228 there will be lots of pictures on Monday, promise.
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    @jenna8984 - That necklace is adorable! Glad the daycare choice is sorted!

    @southerneapch89 - That makes sense. I never thought about hormones being a problem when you're BF. So many things I don't know.

    @labro - Definitely get your back checked out! If it's keeping you up that's not OK. I also really like that carpet!

    @speakeasy14 - I can't wait to see pics from the shower!!

    @minskat30 - Good for you for doing spin even when work is crazy! You are a rockstar!

    I worked late last night and then made a yummy HF meal when I got home and H and I watched The Bachelor. We started People vs. OJ but I fell asleep. I have been majorly slacking on the workouts but I promise I'll go tonight! H is working every night from now until March 6th so basically I'll see him never, but in the end it's good because the more he works the more he earns.

    That's all for me. Borings-ville over here.

    ETF Spelling.
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    @minskat30 - My contracting company does short-term disability, 12 weeks with 60% pay.  I am SO THANKFUL for 12 weeks.  We've been putting money away to make up for the difference since I'm the breadwinner, but we'll be able to make it work.  Then they are going to let me come back part time (30 hours a week, with benefits and leave) to adjust for a few months before I do full time again.  I am so grateful.  My last contracting company had 6 weeks of full pay , so I was floored that this option is 12 weeks even at a slightly reduced salary.  

    When I was a fed, you don't get any kind of maternity leave or disability, you just had to save up your sick leave or use FMLA... but you got 8 hours of sick leave a month, so I had quite a bit saved up.  Works well for the first child, but harder for any kids after that because you have to save back up.  

    ETA:  @cu97tiger - OMG that is so scary!!!!
  • @cu97tiger OMG that is terrifying! I'm so glad you guys caught it before it turned into a fire. Also, no, I don't think I've heard the story of Freddie and the squirrel, but I imagine that was a bad day for everyone. :-\

    @Swazzle LOVE those earrings! Very classy! You definitely deserve them too. 

    @labro Oh that's so exciting! Though if you're ripping up the old stuff yourselves, I'd go see a doctor first about your back. Definitely don't want you hurting yourself! Hopefully it's nothing serious.

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  • cu97tiger said:

    This morning I went to Crossfit. I have to go home at lunchtime to let the dogs out so I'm contemplating my lunch options.


    Love that watch! That is very scary, glad your H was ok and no fire! I've always heard not to run a space heater while you're sleeping/ more than like 2 hours. I want to get those smoke detectors that are your voice yelling "fire, wake up, get out" because I've read studies that kids wake up to that more often/easily than they wake up to a traditional beep.



  • @GoldenPenguin - I love the second pair of glasses.  I'm glad you picked them!!!  I've been wearing my pair since 2013 or 2014, so I'm ready to  upgrade.  I might try those on!
  • @cu97tiger - That's so scary! I need to change the batteries in my smoke detectors soon. 

    @GoldenPenguin -

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