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Celebrate Birthday at Wedding ?

It's my 2nd marriage and with trying to get all the dates to align, we ended up with a wedding date 2 days before my daughters birthday.  That's not the issue - but the year we get married (2016) is the same year she turns 21 - a milestone birthday.  We are leaving for the honeymoon the day after her birthday.  What are some ideas I can do at our reception that will show we didn't forget her special day?  I am already planning on spotlighting her and having the whole room sing happy birthday and she is my MOH too.  Thanks!

Re: Celebrate Birthday at Wedding ?

  • It sounds like you are doing a lot already!  I have to admit, that's probably more than I would do for her at the wedding, but I would definitely take extra care to make her day special for her.  If I were your daughter, I think I would want you to celebrate your own special day, then do something really great on my actual birthday.


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