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  • just seeing this, so hopefully you figured it out. it is very tacky for you to plan the party yourself and it sounds like you know this. i would also say that hint dropping is also rude/tacky. what if they dont have the time/funds for a bach party, even if it is "under $100". as far as "duties" go, bridesmaids and your maid of honor are not required to do anything but show up in the dress agreed upon and sober. i understand that you regret not doing those things and i feel for you, but if they do not throw one you simply just dont get one. if you really want to do those things plan a girls night out but it cannot be a bach party in any form. im sorry, i hope you figured it out!
  • Would your maid of honor take the hint if you sent her some activities/locations in an email that said "hey, I was looking at wedding stuff and these sound like some cool ideas for a bachelorette party?" It will give her the hint that you want a party.

    Best of luck!

    PS - I think if you want to plan one for yourself that is fine, I just wouldn't want you to feel frustrated about the planning process.

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