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Planning cousins wedding on a budget...HELP!

I am trying to help my cousin plan her wedding. She just got engaged about 1 wk ago and plans to get married 8/2010. Does anyone know of any venues in Long Island that are not too pricey? She's expecting to have atleast 200 guest and I'm trying to figure out how we are going to make this happen while working on a budget. T.I.A.

Re: Planning cousins wedding on a budget...HELP!

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    hey there. i know there are many, but can't really list them off the top of my head. check the liweddings.com website. there's currently a thread where brides listed specifically what they paid per person, that might give you a sense of where to start looking. but that thread aside, there's lots of info on venues. good luck!
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    Fox Hollow is beautiful and offered me a good price when I was looking. I settled on the Stewart Manor Country Club because they gave the best price and it does one wedding at a time, though it might be a bit small for that guest count. Definitely have the wedding on a friday or sunday since August is peak season and prices will be high. Also ask whatever venue you pick if you can pay in cash to avaiod paying tax, it's saving me tons of money. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for the info. I will definitely look into both venues as well as liweddings.com. :)
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    If she's looking to save $ August is not the least expensive time. She should also look into the shoulder seasons and non-sat night receptions-can save a lot.
    also-she's kind of going at this backwards. she needs to price places to find out what she can afford and THEN think of how many to invite. If places are $100 a person and she can only pay for 150 at that rate the 200 doesn't work.


  • auntie44auntie44 member
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    August is a "prime" wedding month for most caterers.  Our daughter was to be wed at The Thatched Cottage in Centerport, LI (on the North Shore) in June.  Our per plate charge was approximately $95 (most places have a built-in increase for each new year).  Fridays and Sundays are discounted.  The cottage is a beautiful venue located on the water and, with large such a large guest list, they will likely guarantee that your cousin would be the only bride that day.  Since we had to cancel at the last minute, we also forfeited our deposit.  If $2,500 in free deposit money would help and you decide to use the Thatched Cottage, see my ad on this site for additional information about this offer (or email me at [email protected]).  Hope you find the venue you're looking for!
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