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1100$ for flowers?! OUCH!

So, my mom and I went to go get a quote for flowers yesterday, were going for very simple, I'm making my own bouquet and every other thing involving flowers will be made of only Baby's Breath flowers (filler flowers are way cheaper so I thought) 
So they called me back today with the quote...
JEEZ! So now I need to rethink my centerpieces so they will be non-floral. 
I was planning on using paper lanterns in the middle of a baby's breath wreath with a battery candle inside on each table. (that way i could recycle part of my ceremony stuff, the lanterns) 
How would I incoporate the lanterns now as a centerpiece? I can't just plop them down on the table...I feel like it would look silly. 
Any advice would be appreciated. I am not spending 900 bucks on centerpieces...they can take their centerpeices and put them where the sun dont shine for that much money!
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