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Jack and Jill venue

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edited February 2016 in Connecticut
Hi. I'm looking for any suggestions on a venue for a Jack and Jill style wedding shower. Ideally I'm looking for something that has an indoor and outdoor space (for games, etc) that can accommodate about 100-150 people. Looking around Mystic, Groton, Waterford areas but doesn't have to be. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

Re: Jack and Jill venue

  • JamieLynn913JamieLynn913 Watertown, CT
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    I'm surprised nobody posted to help you (just be careful, a lot of people on these boards have very strong opinions about Jack and Jills). Anyways, I would look at VFW halls near you, Italian clubs, polish clubs, etc. these places usually have outdoor and indoor areas that can accommodate you. And some will probably offer catering if you don't want to cook yourself. 

  • What is a Jack and Jill?
  • JamieLynn913JamieLynn913 Watertown, CT
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    CSol70 said:
    What is a Jack and Jill?
    It's usually a big party for the bride and groom. I didn't know this, but upon reading these boards they are a "New England" thing from what I get from it. I have been to a ton and I happen to love it. You pay to get in (usually like $20-25) and you eat and drink and hang out, and they usually have raffles. A lot of people say they are "gift grabby" or money hungry but the way I look at it is after the venue rental, food for everybody, raffle prizes, etc. But after the venue and food and raffles I imagine they just about break even. 

  • The issue is that they ARE a fundraiser for the couple.  And it's rude to turn your wedding into some charity type event since guests should never have to pay for anything at any hopted event.   

    Also,  some people opt to invite randomslove who are not wedding guests to these kind of events and that pretty much says, "I want you to come spend your money on me and my wedding and I have no intention of spending my own money to see you at it. "
  • JamieLynn913JamieLynn913 Watertown, CT
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    I hear you, trust me. I see both sides to it. The Jack and Jills I were invited to, I was also invited to the wedding. My personal opinion, if I was invited to one and not the wedding I wouldn't mind. I understand you can't invite everybody you know or have talked with to your wedding for numerous reasons. If I can support the marriage of somebody directly or indirectly I'm fine by that. 

    I dont want this to turn into a "Jack and jills are rude vs not rude" conversation. The OP asked a question, I answered it and somebody else asked a question and I answered it. I see both sides to it. 

  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut
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    I've lived in New England all my life. I'm very old. I've been invited to exactly one Jack 'n Jill, which I declined. The ticket seller still expected me to buy a ticket to 'show my support' for the bride, who was my boss at the time. I sent a shower gift from the registry to the J & J with another co worker, but to be honest, I wasn't sure if they offered that up as a raffle prize. That's how tacky this event was.

    My daughter was invited to a J & J for a college friend. Apparently, tickets were sold, but only three people showed up. My daughter didn't understand the concept of the party, brought a gift and was confused about the raffle tickets and games. She assumed the bride would open gifts and everyone would eat and chat. She felt sad for her friend. It's not a New England thing. 
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