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Kleinfeld Bridal Credit for sale at a discount (Value $3,250 selling for $2,925)


I am selling Kleinfeld Bridal credit of $3,250 for a discount (10% off). I put a deposit on a dress I longer need.

The credit is 100% transferable to another person via email or in person and it is good for 10 years. You can use the credit for bridal gowns, veils, accesories, and shoes.

Please feel free to contact me at if there are any questions on this process. If your preference is to meet at the store in NY to transfer, this can be arranged.

FYI- I can sell a portion of the credit as well if you do not need the whole amount.. For example, if you only need $2500 I will sell this amount for 10% less ($2,250)

Congratulations and good luck planning
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