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How many menus?

I'm leaning towards a menu at each seat. Is this overkill?

Note - we do not need personalized menus as we are having a seating chart for people to identify the table they will be at. Once at the table, guests can choose their own seat.


(I wasn't really sure where to post this ... food vs. invites and paper)

Re: How many menus?

  • I think menus are overkill unless the guests are choosing their dinner at the table. Unfortunately DD and SIL really wanted menus at the seats so they had them. I'm sure they were all thrown away - I didn't save one.
  •  I think if you're going to have menus, you should do one at each seat. They are far from necessary. I think menus are cute if they're in the budget, but definitely something to strike if you need to cut down.

  • I DIY-ed them and just had one at each table. In the end, they weren't necessary, because guests pre-selected their entrees on their RSVP card.... But I thought that guests might want to see the choices again, because they selected them a few weeks out and might have forgotten the details, side dishes, etc. of what they ordered.  Not even sure if any of my guests looked at it when they sat down or if they went completely to waste, but my only cost was a few sheets of cardstock and a bit of printer ink! 

    I don't think one at each seat is overkill, if you have it in the budget. But I also think one per table is fine, especially if entrees are pre-selected and your guests aren't actually ordering off of that menu. 

  • If guests are ordering their meals while seated at the tables, then I think you're fine with one at each seat.

    If the meals are pre-ordered or buffets, then I don't think they're necessary.  But I would make sure that any information about food content that anyone needs is available.  You can do that one to a table or at the buffet stations.
  • We are making a "menu" for the table only because I personally like to know what I will be served via buffet before I get there. Just a little thing not required. I think I'll include the cupcake flavorson it. 
  • Thanks everyone! We are doing a family style dinner so while they are not choosing their entrée ahead of time, they should probably know what is being presented at the table. I think we will go with one per person. They are included in the printing fee by my stationer so not a budget issue. I'm not expecting anyone to keep one, but if someone would like to (i.e. my Mother), they can.

    Allergies are being handled on the RSVP card and knowing my guests (although there could certainly be allergies that develop), I'm the only one with issues. We have 8 guests that eat kosher so I'll be consulting the individuals to find out their specific restrictions and ensure that the table they sit at (likely grouped together at one or two tables) will only have items that they can eat.

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