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I am planning my big day for November 26th in Downtown Dallas and I have just been thinking of more ways to re-use and save money. I know brides spend a ton of money on flowers and they just get thrown out after the event. A friend of mine recently saved a ton of money because there was a wedding at her venue the evening before and she just reused most the flowers. 

My question is, are there any brides getting married in the area the day before or having a separate venue for ceremony and reception that morning/afternoon who plan on leaving their flowers? I honestly will have plenty and I plan on re-using some ceremony flowers for my reception (it's at the same venue) but the venue is huge and I figured the more flowers the better and even better if they're not prices a florist would like to see! Even if they're not in the color scheme I have plenty of places for flowers to go but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the arrangements and delivery! I'd much rather pay a bride who is willing to let me (well... someone else) pick up their left-for-dead flowers! 

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  • #gerbean1 You may want to post this to your local boards instead as this is an international board and the chances of finding a local bride are slim here. That said, your venue is your best place to start as well as working with your florist to come up with a way to create a beautiful floral event without breaking the bank.  Random wilted flowers from someone else's event the day/night before isn't the way to go and will stick out like a sore thumb.  Not everyone leaves the flowers for dead - some people actually enjoy the blooms until the flowers have all died...
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