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Under 90 days - healthy bod ideas???

hey ladies!!
So our wedding date is May 29th (we are officially under 90 days - WHAT?!) and I'm beginning to panic about how I'm going to look and feel on the big day. 
By no means am I overweight or do I even need to lose 20 pounds. But I feel very sluggish, soft, and overall just not very healthy. 
I want to feel alive and the best version of me I can be when I get to walk down the aisle! 
Does anyone have any ideas? I've been thinking about those teatoxes - any experience with them? 
What workout/diet/health plans have you used? 

Also, I should note that I have 2 jobs - so I'm working about 13 hour days/6 days a week. The time I have to workout for an hour is limited. 

Re: Under 90 days - healthy bod ideas???

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    Eeek. It's getting close!

    I keep my workouts simple and sweet. I often do the quick 15 minute body exercises that you can find on pinterest. Most of them use your own body weight as resistance so you don't even need equipment. 

    One thing that's super simple is just drink more water, and keep the salty and junk food to a minimum. Also make sure you're getting enough sleep. 


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  • There are great workouts online that you can do at your convenience and in your home since you are tight on time.  I would recommend a mix of cardio, strength training and maybe some yoga/ pilates.  Also, like @falsara said, make healthy choices - drink lots of water, pay attention to portion sizes and eat mostly plants.  

    What worked for me was finding a great gym and some workouts I could get excited about (I'm obsessed with a particular kick boxing class).  It's obviously more motivating when you are looking forward to the workout.  
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  • @keirstenlynne I don't know if either of your jobs is in an office setting but I'm a bank teller so I'm sitting all day long so I know what you mean about feeling sluggish. I actually saw something on Shark Tank that I ordered. It's called the Simply Fit helps with your balance and I can actually feel it in my legs from just standing on it...don't know if that's something you might be interested in.

    The website is and they actually send you ideas for other exercises with the board that I've found helpful!

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