Popcorn or pizza?

So my Fiancé and I just went to our first bridal show and there was a garretts popcorn rep there and we got really excited! His best friend lives just outside of Chicago so every time we go we make it a point to stop at Garretts. Originally we were going to do a late night snack of pizza but now we are thinking we want to do a popcorn bar with Garretts. It could double as a favor because guests can eat it there or take it home. We will be having dinner at 7 so the pizza would be served at around 10:30 or 11 I'm assuming since it ends at midnight. What do you think? Would you prefer the pizza or the popcorn? 

Re: Popcorn or pizza?

  • Either would be fine. 
    I'm leaning toward the popcorn bar because I'm not hungry enough to eat pizza three hours after eating dinner. I'd rather have an edible favor than a trinket.
  • Second the popcorn! 
  • Another vote for popcorn!

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  • The popcorn sounds amazing! But I wanted to comment on the pizza.. we did a pizza bar at 9:30, our dinner was at 6:30 and that was one thing the guests were super excited about. We got a lot of comments about what a good idea it was after drinking and most of it was gone about half hour after they brought it out. It was a last minute add on and I'm glad we did it, it only cost us $100 to get the 5 pizzas for the wedding.

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  • I love the popcorn idea! I don't like to eat something as heavy as pizza later in the evening. Garrett's popcorn is awesome!
  • I love popcorn! Would seriously eat it everyday if H wouldn't judge me for it. 

    My sister did pizza night and it went over really well. So I think you can't go wrong with either. Although as PPs said you can take the popcorn to go. 
  • Yes to popcorn!
  • Thanks everyone :) I would love to do both but our reception site charges $5 per person at half of our count for pizza so that's around $500 dollars and that's about what everything for the popcorn will cost so it's one or the other and since everyone seems to prefer popcorn we are definitely going with that! 
  • popcorn all the way!
  • Popcorn!!! It can be put out as a favor so those that leave earlier can take it home & enjoy it later. Whatever is left, then guests can munch on it through the night. And for those that eat it there, less greasy & it's each to much on while drinking & talking.
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