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How many of you popped the question? (or just skipped the question)

Just curious. I'm sure there are some fun stories of women turning tradition on it's head and proposing. I don't have any story like that myself but I'd love to hear them for a change.

For us, we just always talked about our future and getting old and having grandchildren and children and etc. so we just casually decided to set a date for our inevitable wedding and also discussed that a surprise proposal, or any proposal would be weird and phony in our relationship. Just since we both already decided to get married.

Not trying to throw any shade on tradition by the way, I just know everyone's story doesn't look like a guy on one knee, nor should it.
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Re: How many of you popped the question? (or just skipped the question)

  • We pretty much skipped the question. We'd been talking rather seriously about how we considered seeing ourselves getting married for a while, and then one day, while talking, we just decided that was the plan, and we were engaged. I was a tad disappointed, I'll admit (I love my FI a lot, and know he loves me just as much, but he is sometimes a bit lacking in the romantic department). However, it was also kind of nice to make the decision mutually.  My parents were the same way, and I don't think I even really realized how that influenced me as a young girl, but now that I'm older I really admire how my dad and mom always are equal partners in everything (including their education and business), especially in their generation when that was kind of rare for women. 

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  • My parents didn't have that moment. I guess they talked about getting married and then my dad said "Want to go get a ring?" They did and were engaged at that point. 

    My DH did pop the question. We had talked about getting married. He asked for my ring preferences and we even went to get finger sized but he said he needed to save for a while and needed some more time. Well the trusting gullible person that I am believed him. About a month later while walking back from dinner at the restaurant from our first date he got on one knee right on the sidewalk and asked. I was so shocked thinking this wouldn't be happening for months that I just stood there and then when it all sunk in I smiled and reached for the ring. DH was like "You need to answer first!" To which I obviously said yes!
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    All kidding aside, we'd been discussing marriage for quite a while. One night we were looking at engagement rings on Etsy and decided that e-rings would be our Christmas presents to each other. We ordered them in early December; mine showed up at the end of January, while hers arrived about two weeks ago.
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    We skipped the question. I woke up one morning to discover he had changed our FB statuses to engaged. 
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  • i asked my FI! he would joke around that I had been the one acting like the man and dragging my feet, so I should be the one to propose (I just got out of a long relationship when I started seeing him, so I kept it casual for a while until we both wanted something more serious). So turns out he was joking about making me propose, but I doubled down, bought a cheapo fake gold H&M ring as a stand in, and one day just plopped the question while we were at home together, told him how much I loved him and he said yes! Even though I already knew the answer it's nerve wracking! It was great though and he was super happy. 
  • @Knottie1453538985 that story is priceless. Do you still have the H&M ring?
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  • yeah! it was actually really hard to find a fake gold mens ring, so the h&m one was a women's large and it came with 3 other super gaudy rings for 5 bucks. 
  • My FI  made his intentions known both to me and my family of origin.  We have been discussing for a while and I even have a dress on layaway.  He ordered the rings.This last weekend he finally asked my parents for their blessing and then proposed over the phone since he lives 400+ inlet away and is still awaiting the ring.  I realized today that's normal for our relationship. We have had a 26 year friend ship as of June and we have done very little traditionally.
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    To be honest, I'd rather just be asked without any theatrical "popping the question." No bended knee. If I don't get a ring, I can honestly live without one.

    I'm not sure how my now ex-BF would take my "popping the question" to him. We started to talk about getting married, but never decided that we were "engaged." Then I had to move and the question became moot. He can't move here and I couldn't stay there and neither of us wanted a long-distance relationship.
  • My mom got into an accident sking and was laid up for a couple months. My dad joked about having to marry her to keep her from doing stupid things. Then on Valentine's Day, he showed up at her apartment with flowers and a ring.

    FI got down on one knee, on his birthday, and proposed. The ring box wouldn't open and when it finally did, I took the ring out and put it on my finger. We have a video of it. I watch it time to time and laugh.

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  • We didn't do a "proposal."  We had a series of discussions, picked out a ring together, and he bought it online while we were waiting for a friend at a Thai restaurant (it is a one-of-a-kind antique, so we didn't want to miss out if it got sold to someone else!)  We are a very egalitarian couple and we talk through everything together, so a proposal would have rung completely false for us.    
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