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What surname should I use?

I'm getting married in October to my partner of 21 years. I'm happy to take his name, but I don't like the idea of loosing mine! We have a little girl and she has my partners name. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't hesitate to double barrel my name, but I'm unsure about having a different name from my little girl. Would it be weird.  I should point out that my partner is fine with whatever I want for myself. Although he's not keen on changing our little girls surname. 
Any opinions?


  • I'm changing my last name to his. I really want to have the same last name as our future children (and to share his). I'm changing my middle name to my current last name, so that I can keep it profesionally. Would something like that work for you?
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  • Late to the party but there is a big discussion talking about name changes on the regular Chit Chat board. Lots of great ideas and opinions.
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