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Does anyone have any idea how people use sticker address labels for their invites? I'm looking on websites and I see how you can make your custom return address labels but not address labels.  Do people do that with a label machine or order them online?  Just looking for an easy way to avoid having to hand write all of mine. Thanks for your input!

Re: Address Labels

  • You can buy sheets of label stickers blank from an office supply store (like staples) and then download a free template by googling the style of your labels (like avery 5160 or whatever) and then type on it. That is the hard way.

    The easy way is to make your list of addresses in excel and then go into word and import that spreadsheet to automatically fill all your labels! You just have to check for errors. I can't explain, you'll have to google for all the steps but it's way easier than typing each label especially if you already have a spreadsheet of addresses.

    But people are probably going to tell you to handwrite it. It's up to you though.
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  • Traditional invites would be hand addressed. I think a compromise between handwritten and labels would be printing directly on the envelope. Most printers and word programs can work with a variety of standard size envelopes.
  • Please don't use sticky labels on your wedding invitations.  Ugh!  Hand writing is traditionally done, but if you can't, you can print directly on the envelopes.  Sticky labels are for junk mail.
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