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So we definitely don't want a DJ. FI and are just not big dancers. Even though I definitely had my share of clubbing and dancing my ass off in my early 20s, dancing at a wedding or anywhere sounds kinda like torture to me now. 

But...! We love karaoke. We will just sing along to movies on the couch and in the car and we both like going out to karaoke. So do many of our peers. I have a terrible voice (no really I got an A in high school choir class for not singing). I know my dad likes to sing and my cousins will probably join in. I'm thinking it more like some people will participate and the rest can hang out and talk. Casual wedding/family picnic (but catered) at my aunt's house on a lake. We definitely want karaoke, not dancing and we also won't force it on everyone. Plus I mean, you could dance if you wanted I suppose?

I'm not asking for your blessing, just tips! Did you ever attend a wedding with karaoke or was it at yours? Can we just run with it or do we have to organize a list and order and stuff? Do you have any machines that you would recommend? I am thinking of trying to find a machine where you can take normal tracks and just "turn down" the vocals and sing over it. Just because so many karaoke tracks are truly terrible bastardized versions of the song you wanted to sing and it's so disappointing. I'd hate to buy a bunch of CDGs and hate all the versions of the songs. Has anyone used a machine like that? Does it work out ok? I have 6 months but I've only looked on amazon and best buy websites so far. Do you have any other tips for making this fun?
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Re: Karaoke!

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  • Thank you for you for your advice! :) But we totally will because my friends and family and I enjoy karaoke and I hate dancing.
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  • I think karaoke is polarizing. I personally cringe when people sing publically and I feel they should stick to the shower BUT I know several of my friends love it. I think this might be difficult to do at a wedding. If you are dead set with doing it, I might encourage you to have some regular music in between 'sets'. The reception is a thank you to your guests and I'm sure there is at least one person on your guest list that is not a fan of karaoke and this would give them a break. It would also be good to have the back up regular music (no one has to dance) for times when your karaoke singers are needing a break or during the dinner.
  • Thank you guys for the feedback!

    @crowsgirl15 I was talking to my friend about it who's coming to the wedding (and sings a lot and well ;) ) and he actually offered to get a professional karaoke person as a gift for our wedding! Now, his paying, I don't think I would be comfortable with, nice as it was of him to offer, but I do think we'd get more of the experience we want rather than buying a machine and trying to run the songs ourselves. So I agree, I will definitely look into professional karaoke host/dj people in the region where my wedding will take place. I definitely still want to buy a karaoke machine just for using at parties at home though too! :D

    I don't think it will be uncomfortable any more than not having it will be. We are planning on having food and drink for people and that is usually enough for family picnics to stay running for several hours. The karaoke will just be an extra thing for those who want to participate. Those who don't want to participate can do what everyone who doesn't like dancing (myself included) does at weddings, which is to eat, drink , and chatter on with friends and family. It's not intended as a main attraction type things, but I am not offended if anyone wants to leave early for any reason. It's nice that they showed up right? 
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  • If you're dead set on this I would also recommend having "break" times with regular music playing. I would also recommend not having it close to where tables are set and people are sitting and caution against having the music too loud. It would make it difficult for people who don't want to participate to have a conversation or mingle if it's set up near the tables or may seem like a "performance" that people are expected to watch. If you want it to be an "extra" then set it off to the side and at a low volume so it doesn't come off as the main entertainment. 
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    UO - I think this sounds like fun with the right crowd. 
  • I love me some karaoke - love it. My favourite nights out have ended up in a Lucky Voice with me screaming some Bruce Springsteen into a microphone. But I never do do it sober. Like @CMGragain says, the drinks best be strong and plentiful. It may be a while getting that party started as most people I know require some serious dutch courage to get up andsing to a room full of people. I'm not saying don't do it but please consider what others have suggested and have sections of regular music mixed in so that its not just karaoke.
  • Hey! Thanks for more advice. :) we have talked about it and definitely think we need to hire a professional karaoke coordinator/dj/operator to run it and they usually sing or play songs in between sets of singers so it's worth not having to run this ourselves and worry about it becoming disorganized.

    Also we originally wanted to have a budget friendly beer and wine wedding but that is just not gonna fly anymore. I mean this is something we both (and our friends and at least part of the family) thinks is a lot of fun but I need a few good strong drinks to get up there myself and so does pretty much anyone doing karaoke ever.

    I am not worried about it being too loud for non-participants to have conversation because it will be outdoors and if anything outside, it's harder to get the sound heard even. But I have thought about it that I only want it loud where you're near it but not when you aren't near it (probably just near the porch for electricity). I have considered that but thank you for bringing this up anyway!

    I think a wedding reception for me is mostly about catching up and talking to people and eating so that is what I want to provide my guests, and this is more my crowd's taste as an alternative to dancing activities. 

    I am getting pretty excited! Thank you guys for your tips! We are definitely still gonna buy a karaoke machine for home and our friends are already looking forward to that. :D
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  • We're doing karaoke at our wedding! I'm the same as you - I'm just not big into dancing at weddings. Also - I no longer drink, sooooo it kind of takes the fun out of dancing at a wedding when everyone else is loaded (for me, anyway. FI will try his darndest to get me to when he's had a few). 

    Anyway, it sounds like we're in a similar situation. Our friends love karaoke, we have a fav dive bar where people who are REALLY good hang out -- no one belting out Bon Jovi or Neil Diamond, but lots of deep cuts! Our friends are really excited, too. Also, I have no problem getting up and belting out Bob Seger without booze for some reason, so it's a win-win. 

    Do whatever makes you happy! 

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