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Introducing for the first time...

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For those of you who had your reception/dinner at a restaurant, did you do the whole introducing the bridal party and the Mr & Mrs for the first time thing? you know what I mean? Usually they come in doing a funny dance to a song...

How did you do it exactly?

We have dinner at a restaurant and then a suite afterparty planned. I didn't want to introduce the bridal party at the restaurant and was going to do it at the suite because I didn't want to draw too much attention to us. However, now I feel silly introducing the wedding party after everyone already sat down to eat together for 2 hours.

Any suggestions on how to do it? 

Re: Introducing for the first time...

  • You should do it; things like that happen in Vegas all the time, I wouldn't worry about what others in the restaurant think, you only get married once. :smile: 

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