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Just a flute? Will this work?!

Hi knotties; I'll try to keep this short, but I could really use some advice.

Mom is paying for about 75% of the wedding, and really wants live music for the ceremony. I said sure, of course, and told her to pick who she thought would go best with the songs we picked. And Mom picked a solo flutist.

Three problems: 
1) It's an outdoor ceremony, and the space isn't really designed for acoustics. I know a flute can be loud, but I think it would have a better effect indoors.
2) The processionals include the themes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Game of Thrones, neither of which strike me as great flute solo music.
3) I'm just not a huge fan of the flute on its own.

What do you guys think? Should I bite my tongue because Mom's footing the bill, or try to put my foot down? I've tried to tell myself that it will work out, but the more I think about it, the less convinced I am. Am I acting crazy? 

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Re: Just a flute? Will this work?!

  • I love live music, but I think you have valid concerns about having a flutist. Paying does equal strings, but you can certainly have a conversation with your mother about if a flute would be the most appropriate selection. I would contact a few flutists and see if they would be able to do what you would like. If no one is available or can play your selections, that might make your conversation with your Mom easier.

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    My sister had an outdoor flutist at her park wedding, and it was lovely, but she chose classical standards.  No issue with acoustics.  (I am a retired musician.)
    My daughter used a Celtic harpist at her indoor church wedding, and that was beautiful, too.
    Honestly, I have more problems with your choice of ceremony music than your mother's choice of instrument, but that is JMHO.  (Yes, my kids are gamers.)
  • OP - I don't think there is anything wrong with your choice of music. I think this is a great way to add a bit of you/your FI to your ceremony without going overboard. I feel like Knotties are generally more about keeping things simple and traditional vs. overly personalized and cutesy (and generally I agree) but I believe this is an appropriate way to compromise between the two worlds. Provided you aren't having a religious ceremony where there are restrictions on music and ceremony content, I would say go ahead!
  • Thanks for your input, everyone. I think I'm just going to let Mom have this one, and try c to relax about it.

    Believe it or not, Mom was the one who suggested the Monty Python theme! Since FH's family is Muslim, mine is Protestant, he's atheist and I'm agnostic, we thought it would be best to stay FAR AWAY from any religious ceremonies. Instead we're trying to make this a fun, enjoyable day for everyone. Hence the odd music. :smile: 

    when someone starts ranting

  • Just wanted to weigh in here on a couple of things. 
    1. Flute music is some of the most relaxing shit ever. Truth. My sister is 30ish and has been playing since 5th grade and I often make her play for me when I'm stressed.
    2. The intro for GoT could absolutely be done on flute. Check youtube, there might already be a cover and you can kind of get a feel for everything.
    3. See if you can get one of those clip on mic thingies for the player to wear. I too feel like it might be hard to hear.
    4. I feel ya on the strange music. Instead of the bridal march i'm using Jurassic Park by The Piano Guys with zero shame. 

  • Found one:

    It's really not bad at all, granted its more than one flute, but listening to the main melody sounds fine. 
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    As someone who had Star Wars played by string trio as a recessional, I'm totally on board!
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  • Go and see if you can check out a sample session of the flutist. I remember going to a wedding at a winery (outdoors) when I was younger and there was a flutist. Even being outside it sounded amazing.  

    If you have a live musician performing, most likely his is their profession and they have done this thousands of times in many different venues and spaces, so they probably know of great ways for it to sound amazing no matter where you are.  

    Bring your mom with to the sample session and see how you like it.  You may both realize it's exactly what you want, or you may realize it's not for you...there's no way to know until you check it out.  

    Good luck!

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