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Plastic plates/utensils

In need of plastic plates and utensils that are great quality, but don't break the budget! Any ideas?? Thanks!

Re: Plastic plates/utensils

  • Try Webstaurantstore (no, that's not a typo). They even have biodegradable plastic flatware.

    Also, if you have a Gordon Food Service or similar store in your area, they may be worth a try.
  • There's a site called smarty had a party. They've got some nicer looking plastic ware and other serving items.
  • Sam's Club - they've got decent plastic utensils, clear plates, and cake plates... They won't break the bank.  Whatever you do, get utensils appropriate to the meal being served.  It's one thing if you've got baked beans as the only thing that guests would need a utensil for, it's another if you've got chicken and utensils are necessary.  There's a time to go cheap and a time not to, this is the time not to... 
  • Like KittenMittens suggested, I've always heard good things about Smarty Had a Party.
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  • Another vote for Smarty Had a Party.  I used their disposable flatware for a bridal shower and it worked well.  A friend used the same stuff for her wedding (served BBQ) and had no problems.

    Plus, if you ask them about coupon codes on Facebook, you can usually get a code for a small percentage off your order.

  • Another vote for smarty had a party or Sam's Club.  Also, what are you serving?  If it's something that requires a lot of cutting, you might want to look into renting silverware instead, or buying it from a club store.
  • I saw some great deals on smartyhadaparty. I ended up getting tablecloths from there for $10/ea.... the price to rent where I'm at is $15/ea.
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  • and I can verify that smartyhadaparty will give you a discount via facebook. All you have to do is ask.
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