Outdoor ceremony and reception ideas please!!!

My fiance and I are looking to have an outdoor ceremony and an outdoor or tented/pavillion reception! Our theme is on the bohemian side! We live in the north metro and are looking for something within an hour distance. Give me your suggestions!

Re: Outdoor ceremony and reception ideas please!!!

  • Pine Tree Apple Orchard - the Jacobson's are a great family to work with...  Otherwise down near Cottage Grove is Hope Glen Farm but they're potentially more than an hour from the north metro...  Check with your local parks district as they might have some hidden gems (up by Scandia there are tons of parks out in the middle of nowhere that would make great ceremony/reception locations especially with a bohemian theme.  If you REALLY wanted to play up the Bohemian theme and wouldn't mind traveling a little further, check out Montgomery, MN... 

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