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Wedding Blues

Hi fellow brides to be,

I'm at a point into the wedding planning process where i'm just unhappy and honestly can't wait for everything to be done and over with. I've been with my fiance for over seven years and I am very excited to marry him however it's just been very difficult along the way. My soon to be mother in law has never been particularly fond of me and has even told me that she will never love me like family, and that it will take her more time to adjust to me (May 2015) so 6 years of being part of her son's life. I've discussed this with my fiance and since he has never witnessed her being rude to me he feels like he doesnt need to say anything even though it really bothers me. I'm the type of person that does not dislike a person unless I have a reason to and i've never given his mother a reason to dislike's just very hard and I feel like i'm trapped in my own mind because I can never talk to my fiance about things, he just gets angry and wants to stop talking about it. Also, I need some advice on how to handle my fiance and his groomsman going to Vegas for his bachelor party. I'm going to Cancun, however his friends are very crazy and all are single and into the play-boy lifestyle so it bothers me that he will be put in specific situations that his friends may think are fun and no big deal but to me they are plain disrespectful to our relationship (strippers, drugs, getting overly drunk...etc). I've talked to my fiance about this too but he just gets mad and says that if I don't trust him we shouldnt be getting married...please HELP!!! I'm at a loss for words and I can't really talk to anyone about this. 

Re: Wedding Blues

  • I'm sorry. You sound stressed. To commiserate, I have to say that the nitty gritty of wedding planning has gotten me down a bit too, as there's so many decisions and little things to remember. I thought it would be more fun to plan a wedding than it is. But it's good that you're thinking about the end goal- you'll be married. That's the most important thing so keep your focus there.
    I'm not much help on the MIL thing. I do a lot of picking my battles and ignoring in a "pretend I'm flakey" way. This is your wedding and your decisions. You're a grown up and don't let your MIL make you feel otherwise. 
    And the bachelor party- you've said your piece and you can't control the friends. If there's talk of drinking and strip clubs, that might be a part of the weekend but you should trust your fiancé. He's getting mad because he will make the right decisions even with wild friends and pretty girls. It's a few nights and guys take it seriously so they're going to talk a big game, but in the end, they likely want to get away, drink, and relax and it won't help to worry so much. 
    Hang in there!

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