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So, FI and I met with a potential DJ last night who was recommended by a friend. We were pretty excited and had made some lists for the DJ to work with. When it was time to meet, our friend came with someone else stating that the DJ was out of town and that this person he had brought works with the DJ and was coming on his behalf. Okay, no problem, we were willing to talk to him and share what we were looking for.

We had made a list of some music we wanted and discussed letting the DJ play some songs he knew were popular at weddings that we hadn't maybe thought of. We showed the list to the DJ and he agreed with it. He then said we would need to put all the music on a USB and categorize it as "cocktail hour, dinner, or dancing" for him. He would then make sure it got played at the right time. This was in spite of our list that had headers and what songs for those specific times. He didn't give us a quote for the cost as he had to talk to his partner and stated he would call us back.

When he called back, his quote was WAY over what I thought it was going to be with the amount of work we were going to be doing.

So my question is this: Is it normal for the bride and groom to pay for and provide all the music to the DJ so he doesn't have to carry his music library to the wedding. He would just essentially be playing off the USB of music we provided? And then pay another $1000+ to the DJ? If that were the case, I would think I could just use an iPod with playlists...

Re: DJ Question

  • No - it's ridiculous and not in the normal ballpark.  Please ... ask your photographer and your venue/caterer for referrals for professional and exceptional DJs.  You will find someone who will get to know you, and won't require you to provide any music - just input!  :-)

  • Thank you both so much. I was wondering at what point I had completely lost my mind.

  • fyrchk said:

    Thank you both so much. I was wondering at what point I had completely lost my mind.

    Your mind is not lost - but that DJ is SO crazy ... (along with crazy unseen partner who can't attend scheduled meetings, doesn't have a quote ready ... and OH YEAH .... doesn't have MUSIC)  #NO        
  • Do you have fiends that have gotten married (with similar budgets?) you can ask for recommendations? Just like yelp, everyone has different ideas of what makes a vendor "great".

    I went to a bridal show once and within 4 sentences the DJ had cursed 4 times and referred to "those other guys" as having small dicks and being being pussies.I took his information so that I would make sure to absolutely ignore his name even if I saw he had good reviews. I'm fine with profanity but not immediate unprofessional ism. I ended up with a great DJ who absolutely set the mood for the reception but did it in a way where it wasn't all about him.

  • check your local board here for DJ recommendations.  That's how I found mine and I love him.  He has asked me for lists of 'must plays' and song choices for the ceremony but he will provide all the music. This guy you met with sounds shady.  
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