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What are you doing for fun in Vegas?

I've been to Vegas a few times, so I'm always looking for something new and different to do while I'm there. 

Re: What are you doing for fun in Vegas?

  • Ditto... We are putting together a packet for all our friends coming to the wedding of fun and also free things to do...  Check into the Vegas Pass. I just found out about it myself. But it looks like a great deal with bunch of stuff to do for one price. Also check groupon vegas... I found stuff on there that I never would of thought of!
  • BAMN.  

    I still have a few more properties to add to the property-by-property list, but this is what I've put together so far.
  • I thought my site had a lot on it but yours should be memorialized.  Great site xoeden!
  • Sometimes I think I have too much information. And then I remember, only about 1/4 of my guests have ever been to Vegas, and those 1/4 of my guests are heavy Vegas veterans (and my immediate family). So then I decide to add more. :)
  • We took the Twilight tour from Sundance helicopters for something special and "different" to do the day after the wedding. All I can say is wow! It took a while to get there (they provide shared limo service), but the tour was incredible.
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    @xoeden I was looking at your website and I noticed at the end you mentioned "The act". I looked at this for after my stage at Tao and I am 99% sure it closed in late 2013/early 2014. I would look into it.

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  • Good catch, @KikiMira. Boo, though. That's one of my few really, really lively photos of a night club in Vegas. And it does not surprise me, at all, that they got closed for having too risque of entertainment. Though I think the giant pink elephants were one of the highlights of our trip!
  • @xoeden You are welcome. The only reason why I caught it was because I looked at it. I heard they were pushing the envelope a lot on the entertainment. They were having a lease dispute so I guess the owners didn't like the entertainment they were putting out and probably told them they weren't renewing it until they cleaned up the act. 
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