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Dress has been altered, still isn't fitting right.

Hello Knotties!

So, I picked up my dress last Saturday. Its a label size 12, and I'm normally a size 4 or so.

When I bought the dress the lady said she could alter it to fit perfectly.

I tried it on after she had already altered it, told her it felt good except for up top. So she added some double padded cups to it and sent me out the door. I assumed it would be fine. . . WRONG.

From my mid-section down things are great. But the whole size 12 up in the chest section is kind of scary. I don't want to have to worry about going to hug someone and my girls coming out!

Of course, when I got home I tried it on just to make sure it fit comfortably. I even taped the girls up to try and get my dress to work, which of course it doesn't because it still needs taken in quite a ways in the back to be tight against my body.

I'm afraid the lady didn't feel comfortable with the alterations in that area and that's why she sent me out the door before having me try it on again.

My dress is lace and I don't really think some stitching would be that noticeable along the sides, but there are rods that run along each side that make it a little difficult to be done. Altering in the back wouldn't work either because that's where it zips and has button closures.

I'm debating on calling the lady to see if there is anything she could do. Or trying to seek out and find someone else. Or if there is another resolution that might help without having to alter!

Help, please! I know there has to be ladies that have had this same dilemma!

Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Dress has been altered, still isn't fitting right.

  • Your dress can be altered up top. I believe your seamstress doesn't have the ability or time. I would first return to the original seamstress to show her your concerns (for any future alterations ... always try on at the time) and if she doesn't seem to have an idea of how to fix or won't, find a new one. 
  • I'd probably return to the first seamstress to try and get money back because she did not alter your dress to fit you.  I had some extra room in the top after my first fitting and more alterations were done.  The seamstress pinned it some more and made the fixes.  Did you use the seamstress at your bridal salon?  I would complain to their management first.

    It sounds like the boning (rods) needs to be removed in order to alter the dress up top.  Good seamstresses should be able to do this no problem. 

    I had a friend who was ordered by a bride to be measured for a BM gown at 7 months pregnant (she could have waited until after the birth but the bride was a pill).  By the time the dress was needing to be worn, she was 5 months post-partum and lost a bunch of weight.  The seamstress tore apart the entire inside of the dress and removed all the boning to get it shaped correctly.  I say this to tell you that the alterations ARE possible.

    I would not let the first seamstress touch your dress again.  Anyone who says that adding more padding is a solution is not worth good.  And if you are afraid of potentially touching boobies through a gown as you try to pin it, you need to change professions.

    Ask for recommendations from co-workers, friends, and family.  I would probably go to someone privately and not associated with a bridal salon.

  • Never, ever, EVER leave from having alterations done without trying on whatever you've had altered!!!  Doesn't matter if it's pair of trousers or a wedding gown.  This is why!

    Call her up immediately and see what's the rub, it clearly doesn't fit.  When she tries to weasel out of you bringing it back request some of the alterations money back (I wouldn't say full refund by any means since she did get most of it right, this is why most brides have multiple fittings done).  If she says "bring it back in", do so and get the problem resolved.  If she doesn't want to do it or doesn't have the skill to figure it out, then move on to someone else for the alterations.  Good luck!!!

  • thank you ladies for the insight! I will call her up and see how she reacts! and if she doesn't sound too confident I'll go elsewhere.

    worst part is, she is the owner of the dress shop and does the alterations. this is the lady who said she could make this larger sized dress fit perfectly. so I'm of course a little let down! but will figure it out!

    thanks again dolls! :)

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