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When is everyone sending out their wedding invitations and asking for RSVPs back? I was thinking beginning of August since I have about 50% of out of town guest and requesting RSVP by the end of August. What are your thoughts?

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  • My wedding is the 22nd so I am going to send them out at the end of August and have RSVPs due back the 1st week of Oct. My caterer doesn't need numbers until the week before so that will give me 2 weeks for stragglers.
  • I'm beginning of October and sending mine out early to mid August with a reply time of 1 week before as my caterer doesn't need final numbers until 5 days before. Most of my guests are the RSVP early so I don't expect to have a lot of stragglers to deal with.
  • I'm thinking mid-August.
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  • My venue is asking for numbers 30 days in advance. I feel like that is really early, but since we are all out of town and it's a semi isolated location I guess it makes sense. I was thinking of sending them out early August and RSVP by September 15th for October 15th wedding.
  • @wineandcake - push back on that, cateters do not need numbers that early. Fresh food usually can't even be order until 1-2 weeks before.
  • We are the second weekend of Oct. so we are asking for them back around the last weekend of Aug so we have time to catch stragglers.
  • We're sending ours out in August and asking to have them back October 1. Our wedding is October 15. 

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  • We're doing a destination wedding, so we're sending out somewhat early.  Ceremony is mid-October, RSVP date will be a month out, and we'll be sending them out this month. 

    We've got a relatively small group, but as everyone will need airfare, it seemed better to aim early.

  • We are doing ours now. Reason being is we are traveling a lot this summer and in September and our wedding is the beginning of October. Also, our venue asks for everything early, so I would rather have them, then not. 
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